Why do we have hair on our body ?

Modern human beings take body hair as something unclean and leave no chance to remove them from your body except head and eyes. The more modern you are, the lesser amount of body hair you will keep. But why do we hair on our body. This question must have come to your mind while getting a haircut. While i tried to find an answer to this question i noticed that all mammals have certain amount of body hairs. The amount of hair depends on their species and the climate of their habitat. But we the humans have different amount of body hairs even at the same geographic location. The amount of body hair depends on our genes but the real question is that why do we have them. What purpose of nature do they solve in our body? We have got nothing without any reason. Every organ has a specific purpose and their must be a reason behind hairs too. You will find an answer to this question in this article.

Hair on different parts of body solve different purpose. However some purpose are common but still their function varies according to their location on body.


  • Protection from cuts and scratches: Hair protects us from cuts and scratches. The more body hair you have got, the lesser you are prone to cuts and scratches. It makes us understand the high amount of hairs on scalp.
  • Protection from Malaria: It might sound funny but it is true. Body hair not just protect from malaria but any mosquito born disease. Hair on our arms and legs signals the presence on mosquito on skin even before it bites and our body reacts to not let the bite happen. Therefore kids are more prone to malaria than adults as they have less or negligible body hair.
  • Dirt Catcher: Hair in our nostril traps the dirt and thus filters the air we breathe. Wetness in nose helps the hairs in solving this purpose. Eyelashes also solves the same purpose and saves our eyes from foreign material.
  • Goosebumps protects you: However this feature is not as useful in humans as in animals like porcupines or other animals with more fur. Goosebumps is a feature that makes you look large when you are in fear. Goosebumps occur due to some other reasons as well but it happens at the time of fear also. An illusion of looking large can sometimes protect you from other animals.

As a Sensory organ

  • We hear through tiny hair follicles in our ear. These hair follicles feels the sound vibration and send signals to brain which translates it and understands the surrounding noise.
  • Hairs acts as an extension of our touching sense. We can feel a touch on our hairs because even a slight movement of body hair makes movement of the root skin which sends signals to brain. This feature saves us from mosquito bites as we feel the presence of mosquito just as it sits on our body.
There are some other interesting and least understood reasons for the presence of body hairs.
  • Temperature regulation: When we feel sudden coldness in environment, hairs on arms and legs get stand straight (goosebumps) to trap more heat near the body.
  • Hairs Facilitate sweating: sweating is also a mechanism to regulate body temperature and hair strands play an important role in this process.
  • Camouflage: Hairs act as camouflage for our reproductive organs. However it was necessary during during the evolution of humans, when our ancestors didn't have clothes to wear. 
  • Cushion: Hair in the armpits provides a cushion against friction of arms. Similarly pubic hair also saves our sensitive skin from skin friction.
  • Protection from pathogens: Usually we think that pubic hair is for no purpose but the biggest purpose of these hairs is protection of our reproductive system from pathogens, thus protecting them from any bacterial or fungal infection.

Interesting Facts about Hairs

  • Humans have nearly 5 million hair follicles on the body.
  • Head have the highest concentration of hair.
  • Nostril rank on second number in concentration of hair.
  • Hair grow on almost every part of our body except palm of hands, sole of feet and lips.
Our body actually need hairs but we keep removing them in order to look good. Trimming them is OK but removing them completely increases some risk factors. If there was no need of hair then we must have lost them in the process of evolution. But we do have them for some reason.

What should be the TDS value of your RO Water purifier

Most of us stop worrying about purity of water after installing a RO water purifier, which is an essential part of modern kitchens. The truth is that we never care about the TDS value of the output water. In 1980 WHO published a research paper which said that low TDS water is harmful for human body. Today we are drinking water packed in plastic bottles with very less amount of minerals in it. In our last articles we discussed how this low TDS water is acting as a slow poison for our body. Here we will tell you about the appropriate TDS value of drinking water to live a healthy life.

TDS value of Natural Water
TDS value of water differs from one geographical region to other depending upon the minerals in the soil and their solubility. Therefore TDS value of water differs from 30 mg/litre to 6000 mg/litre.

TDS value and the taste of water

Water of different locations with same TDS may have different minerals in different proportion. Taste of water changes with their TDS value and the minerals present in it. According to a WHO report the taste of water and their TDS value is directly related to each other. Following table show that relation
Taste of Water
TDS level (mg/litre)
ExcellentLess than 300
Good300 to 600
Fair600 to 900
Poor900 to 1200
UnacceptableGreater than 1200
If you talk about the taste of water with very low TDS then its taste will also be unacceptable due to its flat and insipid taste. You may find the above information in a WHO document on the following page.

"If it tastes good then it is healthy"
Some of you might not agree with the above statement but some will. If you have got a healthy body then your tongue can better decide what your body needs. The nutrients that your body needs will be found tasty by your tongue. However it might not be true if your are suffering from some medical condition such as diabetes, where psychological factors make you like those things from which you should abstain yourself. For a healthy human being tongue is the best  testing kit for nutrients. If you are finding the water tasty enough to drink then most probably it will be of correct TDS value.

If the TDS value of your water is between 200 to 500 the most probably it will be good to drink. The WHO report of 1980 recommended that the minimum TDS in drinking water should be 100 mg/L. It also recommended that the TDS should be about 200-400 mg/L for chloride-sulphate waters and 250-500 mg/L for bicarbonate waters. You may take the following WHO page as a reference to this information. http://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/dwq/nutrientschap12.pdf 

We don't encourage people to stop drinking purified water, but to make them drink water of correct TDS value that can provide them sufficient amount of minerals.

Low TDS water is a Slow Poison

When we talk about poison, we take it as a organic or inorganic compound that can kill us within a certain time. Here we are comparing low TDS water with slow poison. Some of you might not be aware of that, but it is a reality. Several researches have confirmed the health hazards of low TDS water. These hazards are listed in detail in this article and it will open your eyes about the severity of this issue. In our previous article we revealed the fact about how leaching capability of water increases by reducing its TDS, which is usually done by most RO water purifiers.

How does low TDS water become more reactive?
TDS means total dissolved solids, which includes minerals and other organic ingredients (such as some bacteria and other micro organisms) dissolved in water. These solids dissolved in water make it stable and unable to leach anything else from the containers. When TDS is lowered using RO water purifiers the reactive capability to leach chemicals increases. It makes that water absorb solids from the nearby environment such as its containers or the air coming in its contact. Low TDS water become a slow poison if its nearby elements contain any such chemical which is harmful for health.

How does leaching capability of water affects our health?

  • Plastic: We all know that plastic is harmful for health, but we don't take it seriously. BPA is a harmful chemical compound present in plastic. It might harm us less when normal water is stored in it, but when you store low TDS water in it then due to higher leaching ability more BPA can be absorbed by that water. If you have a RO purifier then please notice the container. Is it made up of plastic or something else. Most of the RO purifiers use plastic containers. BPA can cause infertility in men and hormonal imbalance in body. It is severely harmful for fetus and infants.
  • Heavy Metals: If the Low TDS Water is coming in contact with metal, such as a pipeline or a metal container, or the nearby air, then it can absorb some heavy metals from it which can affect our health later. If calcium and magnesium are present in water then they protect the water from absorbing heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Low TDS water have lesser amount of calcium and magnesium and makes that water prone to absorbing heavy metals.
  • Leching of minerals from body: Yes, Low TDS Water can leach minerals from our own body. Instead of providing some minerals to our body, this water can leach minerals from our body and drain them out through urine which can make our body mineral deficient. Sodium and potassium are the main minerals leached in this process, which are necessary for proper functioning of our nervous system.

 Now you know why low TDS water is slow poison for our body. If you want to save yourself from this effect then

  • Stop using the plastic containers for your RO water storage.
  • Don't store the RO water for too long as by the time time you drink it, it would have done sufficient leaching.
  • Most important is to keep the TDS level of your RO high enough to provide you sufficient nutrients.

If you want to know how much TDS level should be appropriate to drink then read our next article.