How Long do you remember New Year's Health Resolutions

New Year comes every year, so do your health resolutions for that new year. But how long do you remember them. It should be a matter of concern for everyone if you want to celebrate the upcoming new year celebrations with a good health. New Years's Health Resolutions are generally made by people in their 30s or 40s. But often forgotten after a few weeks or just days. We will tell you why people do so, and how you can overcome that habit of yours to earn a good health.

Your New Year's Health Resolutions don't make you healthy but your attitude does.

Some of the most common resolution made by people are:
  • Loose Weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Give up smoking
  • Eating healthy food
  • Make work/life balance

Almost most of such resolutions are related to your health in one or other way. Most of these resolutions seems good, but why don't people follow them. Around 80% people fail in their resolution. Most of then don't even keep up with their resolution for even a month. 

Why do people fail in keeping up with their New Year Health Resolution ?

  • Lack of Confidence / Will to do that.
  • Feeling lost just by a simple set back, which could be overcome by little efforts.
  • Don't reminding yourself of your resolutions.
  • Don't telling anybody else about your resolution. So nobody will know even if you don't follow your resolution.
  • Because you are not doing it for yourself. Sometimes some resolutions are forced on you and it was not your wish to make it a resolution.

What to do to succeed in your New Year Health Resolution ?

  • Don't just make it, Plan it. Lack of proper planning is the real obstacle. Planning it days before new year day will increase your chances of success. Breaking your goal into smaller targets can be a good planning.
  • Write down your resolution and keep it at a place where you can read it daily to keep reminding you that you made a promise to yourself. Writing down your progress is also a good habit.
  • Tell about it to your family and friends may also help you and they may help you in overcoming some obstacles by discussing it with them.
  • Make just one resolution at a time. Making multiple resolutions will become harder for you to follow. But still if you want to make more then you may plan them for different months.
  • Don't repeat any previously failed resolution, as it may make you feel less confident. Try some thing new and when you succeed then you may plan that for next time.
  • Don't copy others resolutions, as it will create an unnecessary competition which may discourage you if you are lagging behind.
  • Keep reminding yourself of the benefits of your resolution such as better health and a longer life.
  • Small set-backs are natural but never feel lost and don't give up without achieving the goal.

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