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Sometimes some blood pressure machines show such high readings which are not meant to believe. People often recheck their BP again on the same machine to verify it. But the best way is to get it checked on some other machine or get it checked at a medical clinic. Sometimes the BP Machines at home show incorrect readings either due to fault in equipment or incorrect measuring technique. We all know that blood pressure rises whenever we do some physical work. But there is always a limit, up to which your blood pressure will rise. Have you ever wondered about the the highest ever recorded blood pressure of a man or woman.

If you are going to find the record for highest blood pressure then it can be put into two categories.

  • While the subject is in resting position for sometime.
  • While the subject is doing extreme physical work.

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Usually the blood pressure is measured in resting position except when you are going through cardio. If you measure the BP of a healthy man, who is running on a treadmill then the readings will be much higher. Usually the upper reading (systolic blood pressure) is affected by exercise. Diastolic BP is usually not affected as it is the pressure on arterial walls when heart is not beating. During exercise systolic BP readings may increase from 120 mmHg to 200 mmHg, and still it is considered normal. Holding your breath during heavy lifting (which is often done by heavy weight lifters) may increase your blood pressure to dangerous levels of 480/350, which can sometimes be life threatening. Regular exercise and endurance training can decrease your resting blood pressure and it may remain lower than normal in daily life.

Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)
MHR = 220 - Age
It means that a 35 year old person can achieve a heart rate of 185 (220-35) while exercising. It is recommended that you should stay between 55% to 85% of your MHR to get best from your exercises. Targeting for your 100% MHR can result is too high blood pressure, which might be risky.

Record for Highest ever Blood Pressure recorded

Resting blood pressure rises only during medical conditions. Rising of diastolic blood pressure is considered more harmful than systolic. Blood pressure level of 180/110 while resting is considered dangerous and medical attention is necessary in such condition. While searching for a record of highest ever blood pressure recorded, we found nothing like that as it is nothing to be proud of. Instead it is a serious medical condition which should be treated as soon as possible with proper medical care. We came across a number of comments on different websites where users told that their BP rose to readings like 234/136. Record levels of blood pressure are often found in patients of stroke and heart attack.
If you ever found any high blood pressure readings, then you may write about it in the comments section below.


  1. I have the unfortunate status as the person with the highest recorded blood pressure at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, who's BP returned to a safe range on its own. This was recorded in Pre-Op at the orthopedic surgery center. My reading was 296/210. Needless to say with readings that high my knee surgery did not happen. What happened is my original systolic was just over 200 and I noticed the nurse go get another machine and then she started to panic. At that point I realized what was going on and had an anxiety attack which shot it through the roof. It was a very tense situation. Since then I have had 5 cerebellar strokes. Thankfully with the help of a really smart endocrinologist, it is much better now. I still have days where it will shoot up, but I am able to bring it down relatively easy. The really scary part is before that day, I didn't even k ow I had high blood pressure.

    1. I was wondering what the highest was. I hit 243/176. I went to ER for a kidney stone. The triage nurse complained I kept moving and throwing the measurements off. Eventually, she stated in a "very calm" voice, we are going to move you to the Emergency treatment room. I have EDS and live in chronic pain, but I hide it well. My blood pressure is the only thing I cannot hide my pain level. So now I am on 4 types of pain meds and 3 for blood pressure meds to keep it everything in check. They monitor my aorta regularly, as people with my condition are susceptible to aortic aneurysms/ruptures.

  2. My husband just hit Duke's record at 255/148; confirmed with arterial line. Scary. Is now on 8 antihypertensive/cardiac medications.... but alive, thank God.

  3. My normal blood pressure for the past 10 years has been around 240/140. I've been on as many as 16 b/p meds per day and my b/p never even changed. I've had every test they could think of and they couldn't find any problems. My b/p was a normal 120/80 for 45 years then overnight it went so high that the emergency room couldn't measure it, my ears and nose were bleeding. The doctors have finally just given up on me this year. Not sure what to do now. I'm 59 y/o, 215 lbs and get plenty exercise. I've had my renal arteries checked several times and my kidney functions are normal.


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