Do Air Purifiers really work ! or just Placebo !

Horace Mann said "A house without books is like a room without windows". But this man would not have imagined a future where people will use Air Conditioners and Air Purifiers in a room with no windows. Once people use to open windows to let fresh air in, but now we are closing them to let the air pollution stay away. Air Purifiers are the latest gadgets attracting people of metro cities to make their home-air clean. PM10 and PM2.5 have created a mass phobia and people have started to think that an air purifier will save them from diseases and will make them live longer. But the actual truth will be revealed as you read further.

Air has got No Boundaries

Usually people consider Air Purifiers just like water purifier, but it is not same. Just imagine a fish living in a large ocean using a water purifier to keep its habitat free from water pollution. It is nearly impossible. Similarly we are living in a ocean of air, and we are trying to keep our habitats free from air pollution by using air purifiers. No matter how good is your air purifier, you will need to open the gates and windows at least few times a day to let the air in. An air tight chamber with air purifier and few humans can soon turn into a death chamber with a lot of "carbon-dioxide rich pure air". Reality is that air has got no boundaries. You may breath pure air for a few hours in a day using air purifier but it can't save you from ill effects of air pollution.

No Scientific Studies on Health Effect of Air Purifiers
There are no scientific studies done on air purifier's effect on human health. A report published by Quartz in year 2015 said the same thing. However data suggest that air purifiers remove the air pollutants in a room, but what effect does it make in long term on human health is yet to be concluded. Some people may benefit their health due to placebo effect of air purifiers. Placebos create a feel good effect in our brain and makes a person healthier, due to the thinking that he is taking an actual medicine (while he/she is not taking any actual medicine).

Ionic Air Purifiers emit ozone
Some Ionic Air Purifiers emit ozone as a byproduct and their manufacturers claim that it is beneficial for health. But some health experts believe that ozone is harmful and cause lung-irritation, throat irritation and severe chest discomfort. Philips, one of the largest manufacturers of air purifiers, don't make ionic air purifiers for this very reason.

Is it better to use a mask instead of Air Purifier
Yes, even if you are using Air Purifier, you should use a mask to save yourself from outdoor air pollution. If you are living in a metro city then you may Check PM10 and PM2.5 level in your City. If it above the recommended level then you must use a good quality mask. If you are making your mind for a quality air purifier, the you should do a deep study to know the purification techniques used in it and their effect on your health due to long term exposure.

What are the other ways to purify the air ?
The best way to purify the air is planting more trees, which are natural air purifiers and decreasing the air pollution, that all of us doing in one or other way. But both of these things seems fictional in metropolitan cities. But if you can't do that, then be prepared to face the ill effect of air pollution.

Most of the most polluted countries in world have no rules and guidelines for air-purifiers, which gives manufactures a free hand to use any technology in their product. It is the most horrifying truth of air purifiers. But still if you want to purchase one then make sure that your manufacturer follows the norms and guidelines of some other developed country. 

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