Can God cure Diseases : Do Prayers really Heal

Ever since we know, God has acted as an unseen doctor, on whom people of different religions relied to get their problems solved. Diseases are also one of such problems. No matter how small or how big the disease is, people believe that God can cure it. Here we are trying to find if God has really cured any disease and do the prayers of common people really get replied. The answer to this question is not easy to get, as some scientific people don't believe that there is a God sitting above and listening to all your prayers. And even if he is listening, then how can he cure it without even touching the patient.

As per our understanding of the above matter the answer to this question lies in your belief. Even some well qualified doctors believe that God can cure diseases.
Do you know that God has given us diseases and sufferings to teach us those things that we can never learn through books, seminars, comfort and prosperity.
If we always remain healthy then we don't know the value of our body. The truth is that we don't feel our body when its healthy. We notice our body parts only when we feel some discomfort in them.

Why don't we rely on God for small diseases ?
You would have never seen a person asking God to give him relief from cold or a pimple, except children. It because of the fact that he / she know that these smaller conditions can be easily cured without any intervention of God. Adults only need God when they find things which are beyond their control.

Do God really cure diseases ?

Yes, he does. But your ability to get cured depends on your belief. According to some religions, sometimes god does not cure your disease, which is not because of lack of belief, but because God has some other plans for you and he wants you to suffer for some more time as he wants to teach you something more for your betterment.

How does belief work in curing diseases ?
Belief is a positive energy. Even God can't exist without belief. That belief fills a person with positive energy which works in the background to heal a person. Our positive belief makes some psychological changes in our body and some proteins and chemical are released in our body which increases the effect of medicines that we are taking for our medical condition. But reverse may happen if a person starts believing that he/she will not be cured. So the belief is everything.

Do God cure every Disease ?

No, sometimes he does and sometimes don't. God is there for a bigger purpose. We can understand everything happening around us. He can see a bigger picture while we can't. Sometimes a slight delay in going somewhere due to a minor accident can save someone from a major accident that occurred with vehicles moving 5 minutes ahead. Accidents are not everything that God plans. A minor disease can sometime save us from a worst disease. A fatal disease is sometimes better when we see a bigger picture of our life. Sometimes people wish that they should have died earlier instead of living a long life alone, which is worst that a fatal disease.

Just believe is God. Everything he is doing is for a reason. That reason may be just to teach you something that you can't learn through anything else.

God has created everything from zero. He has created life from non-living. Our science is just trying to understand what he has created, by analyzing samples in a laboratory. Whole mankind and this universe are products developed in laboratory of God. The Genes that mankind is trying to understand, which are responsible for everything happening in our body, are itself an example of an intelligent design made by God. So believing in him to get cured is completely right.

Note: The philosophy mentioned in this article does not belong to any particular religion. Doctors and Medicines are also a gift of God and must be used. God comes in various shapes and sizes to help us. So never reject your doctor's advice, as God may be advising you through his words.

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