Health Activities for Students during Summer Vacations

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Health of kids during school life is a major priority of parents. Summer Vacations are the best time for kids when they can learn something new for betterment of their health. If they learn some new health activity during this time then they can get benefit from it throughout the year by practicing it at regular intervals. Here we will discuss some of such activities that students of different age group can practice during summer vacations.

  • Yoga and Meditation : Childhood is the best time to learn yoga and meditation. It improves your health, memory and learning skills which makes you better in every task ranging from sports to academics. It also saves you from stress and various psychological diseases.
  • Swimming: Swimming is a full body exercise and it is better during summers as it keeps you cool.
  • Jogging: It is better to be practiced during early morning. It will make you wake up early and will be good exercise and good habit for a lifetime.
  • Sports: Help your kid/s in letting them play their favorite sport. You may get them enrolled in some sports training classes or just let them play with their friends.
  • Getting Social : Take kids to some relatives or some other social events where they can interact with family or friends. It builds a good habit and kids get to learn some social behavioral skills which saves them from being a book-worm. Getting social is also good for health as it makes you conscious about your looks and health.
  • Cooking : If your kids are mature enough then teaching them some cooking skills is a good thing. It will inspire them to eat home-cooked food instead of eating fast foods, which are generally harmful for health. Cooking is a skill that they can utilize for their whole life.
  • Gardening: Gardening is another activity where you can take help of kids, and it will increase their knowledge about biology. Know more about Health Benefits of Gardening.
  • Dance, Music or Singing : If your kid in inclined towards any of these activities then summer vacations are the best time to let them explore their hobby / interest. It will also help them in performing better during school functions. Health Benefits of Music.
  • New Skills : Teaching new skill like cycling or skating are better to be taught during holidays. 

Make plans in advance and also give some free time to kids to let themselves do something. Too much burden of activities can make kids run away from them. Entertainment is also necessary for kids, especially during vacations. It is not necessary to do all of the above activities during a single summer vacation. Choose a few activities after discussing with your kid/s depending on their interest.

Some activities should be limited as they have bad effect on health, but kids tend to go towards them due to their addictive nature.

  • Screen Activities: Either it is TV, Smartphone or Gaming Consoles, they get kids addicted to them and put harm to their health. Too much of screen viewing hurts vision and not let them indulge in physical activities which are must for kids.
  • Internet: It is becoming an addiction for kids. At a young age it is necessary to have some parental guidance about using it. Else some elder kids start accessing adult content through it.
  • Online Social Networks: They are one of the biggest addiction of young generation. Today kids are so much inclined towards it they have stopped doing any physical activity altogether which is harmful for health. Restrict their internet and don't let them access too much of it.

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