Are Soybean chunks Harmful for Health

While researching on this topic we came across a number of article claiming merit and demerits of soybean chunks. Some claim it as a good source of protein, while some claim it as a cancer causing food. Some people say that they have eaten soya chunks all of their life and nothing bad has happened, while some presented links to studies that claim that soy oil contain pseudo-estrogen and isoflavones which are bad for health. tried to understand and bring the truth of such claims for our readers.

We found that there are some researches done on soybean oil and soy products and most of them claim it to be unhealthy especially for men. But companies manufacturing the soy products advertise it as the vegetarian food with more protein than a non-veg diet, but they don't tell about the other unhealthy factors.

Facts about Soy foods and your Health

  • According to Wikipedia, "N‐Nitrosodi-n-butylamine" is a carcinogen found in Soybean oil. [5]
  • Pseudo-estrogen present in soy products imitates natural estrogen hormone in our body and interfere with breast development. It even causes male breast formation. [1]
  • Consuming more soy products by men may result in reduced interest in sexual activity. [1]
  • According to NCBI, soybean and soy products (the richest sources of isoflavones in the human diet) can cause infertility in men by decreasing sperm count drastically. [2]  
  • Another fact published on NCBI tells that isoflavones found in soy products delay the menopause in women and relieve its consequences. [3]
  • Soy consumption increases the risk of prostate cancer in men. [4]
  • Soybean oil is linked to increasing obesity . Read More
  • Some nutritionists advise people to avoid soy foods if they are struggling with low thyroid problems.

Most of the researches claim soy food to be bad for men and good for women. Consuming it in a controlled way may save you from any adverse effects. Especially men should not eat it too much to gain some protein.


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