Washing Dishes is linked to Lower Stress and Well Being

Do you know that Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos wash their dishes themselves. Why don't they use services of a dishwasher or a servant to do so. They can afford every luxury possible on this planet, but they wash their dishes themselves. Why !
Researchers at Florida State University recently found that washing dishes increases mindfulness. According to Psychology Today, Mindfulness is a state of mind when you pay attention to the present activity, instead of thinking about past and future. 

  • Mindfulness during dish washing reduces stress level.
  • Washing dishes also boosts your immune system. According to an article published in Pediatrics during 2015, our immune system gets benefit when we indulge ourselves in some little dirty activities. Washing dishes is one such little dirty thing that can boost your immune system.
According to Time Magazine, those children are less likely to have allergies where the family hand washes the dishes, instead of using a machine or servant to do so.
  • If you are a little sensitive about saving water, then you will use lesser water to clean dishes compared to a dishwasher or a maid.
  • If your kitchen sink is full of unwashed dishes, then it is an open invitation to cockroaches and other rodents. Washing dishes just after having a meal saves you from such unhygienic things.
When your hands are exposed to microbes in your early life, you develop a better immune system which is resistant to most microbes. 
  • When you rely on your hands to wash dishes, you will never let your kitchen sink full of unwashed dishes. It increases hygiene level of your kitchen, which is must to live a healthy life.
  • Washing your dishes after the lunch / dinner is over gives a feeling of completeness of all tasks in kitchen. This feeling is itself related to well being.
According to a report published in Daily Mail, scented dishwashers induces a relaxed mood, and completion of task initiates a feeling of well being.
  • When your kids watch you washing dishes, they will learn a healthy and hygienic habit. Don't hesitate in letting them help you as it is a basic skill for good life just like eating habits.
  • Delicate dishes are more safe in your hands compared to dishwasher or a maid. Apart from it, you yourself can give them a better wash gently.

The richest people in the world might be doing this household chore without learning the above facts, but such things work for their betterment in the background. Once i heard a great saying that we should do our household chores ourselves, and the above facts have confirmed it scientifically.

Just like you are advised to exercise daily to remain fit, washing your dishes yourself can also help you in improving your well being, stress level and immunity. So don't make excuses to yourself and wash your dishes yourself.

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