Does Birth Control Pills make Periods Easier

Painful periods are really a problem for those girls / women who need to go to school, college or office. However cramping or bloating is normal in periods but if it is affecting your daily routine of going to school, college or work and occurs badly every month then you should take it seriously and visit some specialist to treat it.

What causes pain during periods ?

There are several different causes of pain during periods and each cause has got its own treatment.

  • Adenomyosis : It is a condition when cells of lining of uterus grow into muscles of uterus and cause pain.
  • Endometriosis : In this condition the cells of lining of uterus grow into some other nearby organs.
  • Fibroids: Fibroids are some noncancerous growths in the muscular or inner region of uterus. If they are larger in size then they can make periods painful and make it last for a week.
  • Prostaglandins: This lipid is produced by our body at sites of tissue damage or infection, where it causes inflammation, pain and fever as part of the healing process. Its overproduction in uterus during periods can make it more painful.

The Solutions to make periods easier

Painkillers: Pain killers like ibuprofen can help in managing the pain. If your periods are regular then you may start taking pain killer a day before it starts, else you may wait for symptoms.
Hormonal Birth Control: Hormonal birth control methods such as IUD, implant, shot, pill, patch, and ring can make periods easier. They do so by making lining of the uterus thinner. The lesser tissue are there to shed, the lesser painful periods. For some women implant and shot can make periods last longer but the pain will be reduced.

Do you know that continuous usage of birth control for several months can make you totally period free for months to years. Fewer periods means lesser pain.

Is it safe to take Birth Control for years ?
As per our research it is safe, but still we suggest you to visit a specialist before taking your decision.

How does Hormonal Birth Control helps in easing periods ?
Usually a women's body go through a number of hormonal ups and downs during a month. These normal hormonal changes makes the uterine lining to thicken and egg maturation. But hormonal birth controls alters the ups and downs of hormone levels and tries to keep them at a steady level throughout the month. It don't let the thickening of uterine lining and pauses egg maturation. These changes eases the periods or totally stops them after few months of continuous usage of hormonal birth control. According to some recent researches it is not necessary for a women to go through periods every month.

Do you know that Oral Contraceptives reduces the risk of developing ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, and colon cancer.

Can a women get pregnant easily after stopping birth control ?
Yes, As soon as you stop taking your birth control the cycle returns to normal and your chances of conceiving become totally normal.

Is it Safe ?

The birth control pills are being used since 1960 and a number of researches have been done on it since them. They are more than safe. If they have not been safe, then human rights and women rights organisations would have sued the pharma companies for playing with lives of women.

While researching on this topic of making periods less painful, we came across an instance where a high school girl was prescribed birth control pills to make periods lighter and it really helped that girl.

Note: We would suggest you to visit a specialist before taking a decision about birth control pills. A little consultation will help you in taking a better decision.

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