Are you a Workaholic (A Medical Calculator)

Sometimes it is harder to decide if you are a workaholic or not. Being workaholic is a serious condition and it can affect your health and relationships adversely. So instead of taking it lightly it is advised to get it checked. Here we have provided a calculator that can check if you are workaholic or not. So what are you waiting for. Give it a try and also ask you friends to get themselves checked.

Workaholic Calculator

There are some parameter given below. Rate them on following scale.
1: Never true         
2:  Sometimes true
3:  Often true         
4:  Always true      

   I am always racing against deadlines.
   There is always something urgent at work.
   I multitask, such as eating lunch and answering emails/phones.
   I often take more work than what i can accomplish in time.
   I feel guilty when i am not working.
   I am always one of the last workers walking out of office after work hours.
   It is harder for me to relax and not think about work even on a vacation.
   I don't give time to my hobbies, friends and loved ones

Long Working hours can get you several severe diseases. Know more about effect of long working hours on your health.

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