Gadgets that help in Yoga Meditation

Yoga Meditation is the best practice in world that not just helps in attaining peacefulness but also helps you in knowing the maya of the creator. However this world is maya, but there is no harm in letting this maya be comfortable for you and help you in doing Yoga Meditation in a better way. Those who have mastered the art of Yoga may not need the gadgets that can help in meditating, but most of the users can definitely get benefit from them.
We have collected some of the best gadgets created by innovative people to help you in yoga meditation.

Gadgets that help in Yoga Meditation

This gadget is one of the best and one of its type. It can track your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements and then guide you the best meditation experience. Once you wear it, it can check the activity of your mind and gives you instant feedback to control your mind and go into deep meditation. The earphones play natural sounds in your ear that show the status of your mind. You can also review your meditation data on your smartphone and check your progress.
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Yoga Chair
This yoga chair is designed by Swami Dhyan Unmesh, who is a registered Yoga Teacher & Osho Meditation Facilitator. It is available on Amazon under the brand name of Friends Of Meditation (FoM). This yoga chair is best for those who find it uncomfortable to sit in cross-legged postures like padmasana. People with back pain get comfortable support on this chair and also get relief from problems like numbness in legs while sitting cross-legged.
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Spire Fitness Tracker
This fitness tracker is different from other fitness trackers as it can also track your breathing. It can sense when you are tense and also help in breathing meditation. Breathing meditations are the best meditation practice for both beginners and experienced and this gadget can help you in mastering the art.
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Tibetan Singing Bowl
The Tibetan Singing Bowl produces a perfect meditating and soothing sound when the stick provided is rubbed on the rim of the bowl. It can be perfectly used for the purpose of meditation.
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Yoga Bell Chimes - Tingsha Cymbals
These bells are used in Buddhist meditation prayers and it can hold your mind. These handcrafted bells are finetuned for auspicious sound of OM. The sound produced last for 30 to 60 seconds.
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The above gadgets are just meant to help you in your yoga meditation practice. Your actual potential to learn meditation depends on your personal efforts and your trainer. But one thing is for sure that meditation improves your health by improving your immunity from inside.

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