Coronavirus : Kids Safe or Not ?

The Coronavirus has made people a bit careful about their kids. Everyone want their kids to be safe and sound from this epidemic. However most of the studies tell us about elderly people being the primary target of coronavirus, but not much is told about kids. Here we have gathered some information to help you about your kid's health.

Question : Are Kids less likely to become infected ?
Answer : No. Regardless of Age, 7 to 8 percent of contacts of COVID-19 cases are later tested positive. In case of adults the rate is 7.9% while for kids its 7.4%, which is not a major difference. People living with a coronavirus infected person are at more risk as their chances of catching the virus increases up to 15%.

Question: Do kids also develop severe symptoms after getting infected with coronavirus ?
Answer: No. In most of the cases kids don't develop severe symptoms. It might be a reason that lower percentage of kids are reported as confirmed cases of coronavirus. Mostly kids just show the normal flu symptoms and later get cured after normal medication. Note: It does not mean that you don't need to care about kids.

Question: Why do kids show less severe symptoms compared to adults ?
Answer : Most of us think that adults have better immune system and larger lungs compared to kids, then why is coronavirus not harming the kids. Here we have listed some reasons which we found behind less severe symptoms among kids.

  • Children have healthier lungs than adults: It is because kids don't smoke and they have fewer years of exposure to air-pollution. Smoking and air-pollution damages the lung's capacity with time.
  • Children don't show dangerous immune response: Over-response from an adult immune system result into over inflammation in lungs which makes the condition more severe. Dangerous immune responses to respiratory diseases among adults causes a condition called acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which has got a mortality rate of 40%. Usually kids don't get affected by ARDS and thus saved from severe symptoms. Thanks to their lesser response from immune system.
  • Children usually don't have lifestyle diseases: 75% of deaths have occurred in those cases where patients were already suffering from heart diseases or diabetes. Most of the kids don't have such pre-existing medical conditions, which makes them safe.

Question: If kids don't need to fear, then why are schools closed ?
Answer: Schools are closed to stop the spread of coronavirus. Kids don't show severe symptoms, but that does not mean that they can't spread the virus. Most of the kids don't take enough preventive measures to keep themselves safe and easily get infected. They unintentionally become part of a chain reaction and infect their parents, grandparents, teachers and caretakers. By closing the schools, governments are breaking the chain at a point and stopping the kids from being a carrier of the virus. To implement this safety measure, parents also need to keep their kids away from any gathering for a few weeks.

Question: My kid is showing flu symptoms, is it coronavirus infection ?
Answer: Most probably not, unless the kid or any close family member has recently traveled to a coronavirus affected country. But at this time you should take all preventive measures to keep yourself safe from it (even if it's just flu).

Question: Do pet dogs/cats also spread the coronavirus ?
Answer: Till now no research has shown that coronavirus can be spread through dogs/cats. So its safe for your kids, if you have got any pets.

Question: Do i need to buy face masks for my kids ?
Answer: Only if your kid is showing flu symptoms and you are going to a public place. Normal face masks can't protect you from catching an infection. Face-masks can only protect others by letting you not spread the virus through your breathing or sneeze. If you are planning to buy a mask to protect your kid or yourself, then it is useless. Most of the kids can't wear the mask properly as it let enough space for air to come through the sides of mask.

Question: Who need to take extra care of their kids ?
Answer: If your kid is asthmatic or diabetic then you may need to take extra care. Consult your doctor in this regard if there is an outbreak in your locality.

Question: Do i need to tell my kids about coronavirus ?
Answer: Yes, you should. Kids worry more if they are kept in dark. So tell them about this disease and why they are safe, as per their understanding level. Also tell them about the necessary precautions they should take. Kids can play an important role in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

SARS-CoV-2 is the name of virus responsible for causing COVID-19 disease, which originated in Wuhan (China) during December 2019. Till now it is estimated that it infects 2.2 people from every one infected person. If we compare it with flu, then flu spreads to just 1.3 people from every one infected person. We need to take the spreading rate down and it can be done by not letting you kids being a carrier. Apart from that take all precautionary measures that governments are telling you in health advisories.

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Don't touch your face.
  • Don't touch public properties which might be contaminated.
  • Go cashless by using digital cash.
  • Tip of the month : Gargling with warm salt-water can wash out any possible virus before it infects you. Practice it twice a day to keep yourself safe and also advise it to others.

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