When to measure Blood Pressure (Best time to measure BP)

Our blood pressure have got a pattern. Usually it goes up during daytime and lowers during night. It is highest just after the afternoon and lowest in the early hours before sunrise. Our blood pressure begins to rise even before we get up. So you can say that it goes up and down with our biological clock. If you are struggling to find the best time to measure your blood pressure to get to best possible readings then that time will be 1 hour before you get up in the morning. How to get it measured at that time is a real challenge.

If you don't want to fool yourself and really conscious about your heart health, then we will tell you when you should measure you BP. Instead of focusing on getting the minimum possible readings, your motive should be to get that reading which shows your actual heart health.

When to measure Blood Pressure ?

Instead of searching for "when to measure your blood pressure", your first priority should be to measure blood pressure properly. Especially if you are a device at home, then make sure that it measures the blood pressure properly. To do so either get it checked by a medical practitioner, or take at least 2 to 3 readings at the same time, and check if all those readings are nearly same.

Now come to the "When". Best time to measure blood pressure is twice in a day. Once in morning before having breakfast and once in evening.

Measuring Blood Pressure in Morning

  • Never measure it just after getting up. Give yourself some time, drink water, answer the natural calls and give your body sometime to come out of sleeping mode and then measure your blood pressure. 
  • If you workout in morning then measure you blood pressure before workout.
  • Make sure that you measure BP before eating anything or drinking any caffeine drink or alcohol.

Measuring Blood Pressure in Evening

  • Try to measure it at the same time every evening.
  • Don't eat or drink (apart from water) for 30 minutes before taking measurement.

Record your blood pressure readings on regular basis and take the following precautions.

  • Use same arm everyday for measuring blood pressure.
  • While measuring your BP you should sit quietly and don't think about anything that makes you aggressive.
  • During measurement your arm should be placed at heart level. If you are sitting then place your hand on a table of appropriate height. You may use a pillow under your hand to properly adjust the height.
  • While putting the cuff on your arm, make sure that it is not wrapped above any cloth. Cuff should be wrapped on bare skin.

Note: Never make any changes in your mediation if you find your blood pressure readings normal at home. You should consult your doctor before making any changes in medication. However you may show your blood pressure records to the doctor, which may help him/her in understanding your heart health better.

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