Are you eating eggs while Bird Flu is spreading !

Bird Flu is spreading in different states of India, which is making people more fearful as coronavirus vaccine is still a dream for majority of population. This avian flu brought by migratory birds, also known as H5N1 avian influenza, is known as one of the most lethal of its kind. Migratory birds have infected the local birds and chicken farms, which is frightening for local population. A number of people are frightened to buy eggs or any poultry. Most of them don't know if bird flu spreads through these mediums, but still they are taking extreme precaution by avoiding these food products. will try to examine if there is any truth in infection through poultry products.

Eggs and chicken are unavoidable food items in diet of non-vegetarian people, but fear of bird flu is making them sick just by thinking how they will live without eating it. H5N1 is one of the most infectious disease among birds, and can cause ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) among humans with symptoms like cough, cold, chest pain and sore throat. These flu symptoms not just make people fearful of Bird Flu, but also of COVID19.

Bird flu don't spread from humans to humans

Yes, you read it right. Bird flu don't spread from humans to humans, as coronavirus do. Only those who come in contact with dead infected birds or their feces can get infected. However it can spread among animals, which make pet owners a little worried. Human to human transmission of birdflu is rarely reported.

Can Bird flu spread through eating eggs or chicken ?

Recently WHO told in a press release that there is no need to worry, if you are eating well cooked food. Any food item that is cooked about 70 degree of temperature is safe to eat. If you are eating raw eggs in any form, then you need to rethink about it. Those who are eating meat, should make sure that they are getting fresh meat, not the meat of dead diseased animal or bird. Well cooked meat is usually safe as the harmful virus, bacteria and other pathogens can't survive in higher temperature.

To be on safer side, if you can't stop yourself from eating eggs and meat, then you should follow some precautionary measures like handling raw products with proper hygiene. Wash your hands with soap after handling these raw products and don't touch your face while handling them, just like you did to avoid coronavirus.

Are vegetarians and vegans on safer side ?

A vegetarian or vegan may think so, but they are not entirely safe. However they may think that avoiding eggs and meat will save them, but there are several other factors that can infect you. Bird droppings and their feces may infect you when you are outdoor. If you have pets at home, it may get infected when you take them for a walk, which can further infect you.

So all of us need to take some precautions and if you find some dead birds or animals then never touch them and immediately report it to authorities.

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