Will COVID19 Vaccine end Common Cold among Humans?

4 different types of coronavirus cause common cold. Researches are being done from past 80 years, but no successful vaccine was ever created against coronavirus. COVID19 vaccine has provided a hope that it might end the common cold that is caused due to coronavirus. Most of the times the very last common cold infection is the one that kills you. Common cold is often linked to pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma, which is sometimes fatal in infants and old age people.

Some people are very optimistic and think that common cold and flu will be totally flushed out from earth as soon as the COVID19 vaccine will arrive. However as per our research this is just a mere imagination. We will tell you why.

Common Cold and Flu are different.

First of all, you should understand that common cold is totally different from seasonal flu. Seasonal flu is caused due to influenza virus, which is of four types A, B, C and D. We have have got flu vaccine which needs to be given every year as new stains of influenza arrive every year, thus getting flu vaccine only have 60% chances of saving you from flu.

Common Cold is caused due to coronavirus, rhinovirus, arainfluenza virus, adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and metapneumovirus. These virus families have got 200 different virus variants. Usually a vaccine prevents only against a specific virus, not a complete family.

Most of the common cold infections are due to rhinovirus. Only 15% common cold cases can be blamed on coronavirus. So even if COVID19 vaccine work on whole family of coronavirus (while it is meant only for SARS-CoV-2), then only 15% common cold cases should be considered as gone.

Even after the COVID19 vaccine will be launched in different countries, you can't expect from everyone to get vaccinated. It is because some people believe that they are super-human and have auto-immunity against this virus. Some people don't want vaccination due to their political beliefs, while some are sure with their wrong belief that the vaccine is fake. All these hurdles will never make vaccination a 100% success.

We hope that after reading the above short article you will understand that more than 85% of common cold cases will still be there even after treating COVID19 at a global level. So rest assured, you will definitely get common cold several times in your life even after getting COVID19 vaccine. 

The good news in that spread of common cold and your chances of getting it is definitely less now. It is not due to COVID19 vaccine but due to masks, sanitizers and social-distancing that are now a part of our lives. A lot of people have noticed that they have not suffered from common cold due to these precautionary measures during this pandemic. 

Fear of COVID19 made people 

  • adopt healthy lifestyle
  • eat healthy food including immunity boosters
  • regular exercise or yoga
  • give-up smoking and drinking alcohol
  • reduce weight and correct their BMI
  • adopt hygienic environment

These positive steps in life of a number of people have improved their immunity and also saved them from common cold. Common cold is a harsh reality of human life which is not going to end soon, but its occurrence will definitely be reduced.

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