Laughter is a Healthy Contagious Disease

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We usually take laughter just as a positive behavior which is good for human health, but it is something more than that. Laughter remained a part of human behavior even before we developed any language to speak. What is even more interesting is that we will automatically smile or laugh if we see two other people laughing, but we won't make a sad face, if we see two sad/crying people. It is because laughter is contagious.

We the humans have a basic nature of mimicking the words, expressions and behavior of the person we are speaking to. This copying nature of human brain makes us learn new skills, However mimicry is a talent that everybody can't do exactly, but it is a part of human brain and behavior. Laughter spreads because every brain tries to copy it even before you can understand the joke. But here one important thing to notice is that we mimic on positive behavior, not the negative behaviors. Some researches have shown that our facial muscles react instantly to laughter sounds, while they don't react to negative sounds like crying or screaming.

Laughter and Mimicry

Most of the comedians are those who can mimic other in the best way possible. Everybody mimics, some just do it better and make us laugh. But as we said "mimic" is a basic function of human brain which helped us evolve. It saved us from predators, as we tried tried to act like them to save ourselves.

Laughter is more social than anything else

Humans are social animal and we like to laugh when in groups while we cry alone. This fact is true for most of the people. We always like to share a good joke rather than telling someone why we are sad. Laughing together make a better bond between two people or a group of friends. You must have noticed that your best friends are those with whom you have laughed a lot. Laughter acts like cement on your social connections and make them stronger. It is very obvious that will feel close to a person, who makes you laugh.

Laughter is necessary for a healthy brain

Our brain releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin when we laugh. These chemicals make us feel safe and at ease. Release of stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine is greatly reduced due to laughing. These stress hormones damage the brain. So even if you are sad or tense due to something, a little laughter can put you at ease. Our brain copies laughter to save itself from damage that your life is doing to it.

Here are some facts about laughter

  • Gelotology is study of laughter and its affect on our body.
  • An average human being laughs around 15 to 30 times in a day. Females laugh a little more, while babies laugh 300 times in a day.
  • Our diaphragm spasms during laughing which makes it harder to catch your breath and we make sounds like ha-ha-ha, ho-ho-ho or he-he-he.
  • Tickling and laughter forms bonding between parent and babies.
  • Even fake laugh can make you happier.
  • Compared to being alone, we are 30 times more likely to laugh when we are with others.
  • People who laugh more are better able to tolerate pain. It doesn't matter if the pain is physical or emotional.

Good and bad times are part of life, but a good laughter can help you in passing through bad times in an easier way. So keep laughing and make others laugh too, as it is contagious, more contagious than any disease. Just keep in mind one thing that "laughing with" is always better than "laughing at".

At last one more fact : Alcohol increases the size of "LIKE & SHARE" button by 89%.  (Senseless joke like this one can even make you laugh).

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