Do mosquitoes bite you more than others ? Tasty Blood !

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Are you one of those who think that mosquitoes bite them more than others. If it is so then this article is meant for you. Just as we humans prefer some food items more over others, in the same way mosquitoes also prefer to bite and suck blood of a particular group of people. Mostly this selection is done on the basis of blood group but there are a lot of other factors responsible for it. Lets explore this part of nature.

Your blood group may attract mosquitoes

A study found that mosquitoes prefer type O blood group twice more than Type A. Then comes the number of Type B and Type AB. So if you belong to Type O blood group then you need to be extra careful about mosquito bites and also about those diseases which are transmitted by their bites. This fact arises a question in mind that how do mosquitoes identify the blood group without biting. To understand this mystery will reveal some even more interesting facts about mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can detect Humans through Carbon Dioxide

Yes, Mosqitoes can detect human beings from 164 feet distance using an organ named "maxillary palp", which can detect carbon dioxide quantity in air. We release carbon dioxide when we exhale, which can be easily detected by a mosquito even in a dark room. An adult exhales more CO2 compared to a kid. Similarly a larger person exhales more CO2 compared to a shorter person. So larger adults are more prone to mosquito bites compared to kids or shorter people.

But this fact doesn't explain how mosquitoes detect our blood group. To understand this secret you should first understand some science of human body.

Secretors and Non-secretors

Humans can be categorized into these two groups,  Secretors and Non-secretors, which is decided by their genes. Those who secrete blood group (ABO) antigens in their body fluids are called secretors, while those who don't are called non-secretors. So among secretors the blood antigens are available in their sweat, saliva, tears, urine and semen. 85% of human population belong to secretors category. So our blood group can be easily estimated by mosquitoes without even biting.

Mosquitoes can sense our sweat

Lactic acid, uric acid and ammonia are ingredients of our sweat, which can easily attract mosquitoes. If the sweating person is a secretor then mosquitoes can even sense his blood group without even biting. Those who sweat more are thus more prone to mosquito bites. 

Mosquitoes can sense temperature

Yes mosquitoes can sense your body temperature. Pregnant women usually have slightly higher body temperature which attracts mosquitoes more, so they should take extra precaution to avoid mosquito bites. Our body heats up after an exercise session and also sweats which makes such people an open invitation to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes and Bacteria on your body

Our body is a host for millions of bacteria, and some of them also reside on our skin. Mosquitoes find some of the bacteria very appealing, while some of the bacteria are less desirable. These bacteria differ from person to person and if mosquitoes bite you more than it might be due to your skin bacteria. If mosquitoes bite you more on a particular region of body then it might be due to presence of their favorite bacteria on that region. 

 Eyes of Mosquito

Visual capability of mosquito is nothing compared to humans, but still they are capable of sucking blood from our body due to other senses. They can sense gases like carbon dioxide from 35 to 170 feet distance. Once they start flying towards the source of the gas, they get a visual image of the target from 10 to 50 feet distance. Then they can sense the heat of target from a distance of 4 feet. The combined ability to sense gases and heat, along with some dull vision makes these little flying organism a perfect instrument of nature to irritate humans.

How to save yourself from mosquito bites?

You can't change your blood group or your secretor genes, to save yourself from mosquitoes. But following tips might help you.

  • Our health is directly related to hygiene. So keeping a clean surrounding with lesser space for mosquitoes to breed is must to save yourself.
  • Obese people are more prone to mosquitoes as they exhale more carbon dioxide and they also have more surface to get bitten. So keep a good height weight ratio.
  • Cleanliness is another important step. Your sweat attracts mosquitoes. So having a sweat free body before going to bed might save you from some bites. Taking a bath in evening might save you.
  • If all of the above steps fail, then their are various mosquito repellents.
  • If all of the above fails, then it means that you a perfect dish for mosquitoes, so now you must buy a mosquito net and wear full sleeve clothes.

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