Brain Games to Improve your Brain Power

Some games can improve your brains analytical and memorizing skills along with good decision making. Most of such games or puzzles include numbers, shapes or patterns. Here we have got some good games that you can play to utilize your free time for something beneficial for your brain. The more we challenge our brain with something new, the better it gets. Brain games are best workout for your brain that can make it remain young even in old age. So either you are a primary student or a senior citizen, you can get benefit by playing these games.

Note: If you solve any of these games/puzzles in record time then top 10 players or every game and every level are shown in our GENIUS LIST. So play good and show your name to your friends instantly and then challenge them.

Maths Box Puzzle

In this mathematical puzzle you need to fill the four numbers, so that their vertical and horizontal calculations lead to the given results. It may seem easier but it is not, so begin with easy level.

PLAY Maths Box Puzzle


Sudoku is a Japanese Brain Game which originated in 1984. Meaning of word "Sudoku" is “the digits are limited to one occurrence”. This game improves our analytical and pattern recognition skill. Objective of this game is to fill 9 3x3 grids with 1 to 9 digits with each number occuring only once. Similarly all rows and columns consisting of 9 cells each should be filled with numbers 1 to 9 .


Classic 15

This old board game was a fun to play, which helped a lot of people in developing pattern recognition skill. It trains our brain by putting a perfect combination of pattern and numbers and puzzles it with the 2-dimentional pattern formation. The objective of this game is to put jumbled sequence of 1 to 15 back into the given pattern by moving the blocks adjacent to empty block.

PLAY Classic 15

Maths Challenge

Solving simple mathematical problems can make your brain better. This game is meant for everyone ranging from primary kids to post-graduates. Just choose an appropriate level and break the record.

PLAY Maths Challenge

This page will be updated with some more interesting brain games in near future. Bookmark it and utilize your free time.

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