Sugar-free fools your Body

There are various sugar free products available in market, such as tablets, biscuits, sweets, drinks and a lot more. These products are usually meant for diabetics, but a lot of health conscious people use them. Most of us don't ever question about why these products taste sweet with no sugar content, and why it should be considered healthy. Are these sugar free products really healthy or its just an advertising strategy to sell a product.

Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate all over the major countries of the world. It have given a good scope to sell sugar free tablets and diet products. It is not just the diabetic people who are consuming these sugar free products, but also other healthy individuals to save themselves from diabetes. 

Sugar-free fools your Body

Our body is a machine and sugar-free tries to fool this system successfully. Usually artificial sweeteners are many times sweeter than actual sugar even in the controlled quantities. Once you consume them, your taste-buds get confused and send false signals to brain that you have eaten sugar. It instantly activates pancreas to release insulin in blood stream to deal with incoming sugar/glucose. But sooner or later it finds that there is no sugar. Such false signals when encountered regularly may make your internal system misbehave even when actual sugar is consumed, which may lead to diabetes.

Insulin is also known as fat-storage hormone because it utilizes the excess calories in blood stream and stores them as fat.

Sugar free is known for its addictive nature, and those who consume them often consume it in higher quantities thinking that it won't harm them as it is not actual sugar.

Sugar free increases the appetite as our brain craves for actual calories when our taste buds give it false signals of sugar. So our body craves for more food and the user often consume more food. This extra food means excess calories, which lead to weight gain. 

The motive of the above post is not to ban sugar free or to start eating sugar, but to tell you how it works internally. Understand the science behind food and consume what you feel OK. Anything in excess, either sugar or sugar-free will harm your body. Excess of anything is addiction and addiction harms our body. Choice is yours, as the body is yours.

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