How and Why people get cured by Magic Healers ?

If you have not heard this term before then you must know that "Magic Healers" are those person who can cure your critical illness just by touching you or just by being in presence of them. They call themselves as an instrument of God or Holy Spirits. Most of such magic healers are found in those regions of world, which are poor, less educated and no medical infrastructure. Their logic and abilities to heal the patients are often questioned by educated community around the world and often considered as hoax. We will try to find if such magic healing really works.

Religion of Magic Healers

Those who believe magic healers are religious people. Believing in religion takes a lot of faith, which is necessary in getting treated by magic healers. Magic Healers are found in almost every religion present on earth. We can't bind it to any particular religion or country.

Kids as Magic Healers

We all know that God loves children the most. Kids are often more famous magic healers as general public find them more pure and less corrupt compared to adults. A few years ago The Guardian published a report about a brazilian girl who is also known as "little missionary" and famous for magic healing. Her father claims that several people got benefit from her power and their videos are also available on youtube. Now those debates are gone but that girl has grown up and wants to be a doctor so that she can keep healing people.

Why people get cured by Magic Healers ?

Most of the people who get cured by magic healers are those who are poor or those who can't afford the medical expenses any more. Some of them don't even have access to proper medical care. Magic healers are the only option left for them. Sometime those people also approach the magic healers who can't find any benefit from doctors and medicines. Some magic healers get free advertisement with the oldest advertisement method i.e. word of mouth. Those who feel that they are cured by magic healer often considers them as an instrument of God.

How people get cured by Magic Healers ?

Yes, People actually get cured by Magic Healers. Their touch and presence can actually benefit a diseases person. It is not a hoax. But! it doesn't mean that Magic Healers do some magic or they have some sort of powers of God. The one who got healed is the key to actual treatment. The faith of the patient can do the actual magic. If you believe it so strongly that the person in front of you is the ultimate truth, then your our faith can do magic to your own body. Most of us misjudge the capabilities of our own faith. Magic healers just give that faith an opportunity to heal yourself.

Magic can never cure a diseased person but faith can.

More than half of our health resides in our thoughts. Stressful or negative thoughts can make physical changes in your body and make you diseased. Even cardiovascular diseases and digestive problems can occur due to such thoughts. Negative thoughts make us Diseased. Our mind and thoughts are key to our physical body. Similarly positive thoughts can cure the diseases of your body. You must have seen that happy mood makes you forget any ailment in your body. Similarly long term positive thoughts affect your body in a very positive way. To know how positive thoughts affect your health, you must read our previous article.

Our medical community has studied the effects of placebo, which is part of almost every medicine trial. We know that placebo works only due to positive thinking and faith of the patient. If it is so then why do we underestimate the power of mind to treat any medical condition. 

According to Ian Tucker's article in The Guardian - Most of the clinical trials are funded by Pharma companies, whose primary objective is to sell medicine.

Medicines have their own benefits and mind have its own. Those who can't afford the medicine, those who don't have access to medicine, those who are cheated by medical community or those who are looted in the name of treatment should once give a try to power of mind, especially if they have faith in it. Faith can do magic even if the whole world is against you.

Note: Our objective is not to demotivate people from hospitals and doctors, but to make them healthy by using their own positive thoughts. Magic is not in the hands of magic healers, but it is their in your own faith and mind.

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