Bodybuilding is Killing : The Dark Secret

Today most of the youngsters want to showoff their abs and well toned body to grab attention. Bodybuilding and gymnasium become their first love to do that. Some of them spend years in there to achieve their desired shape. But! most of the youngsters don't have patience and want to look like a super-hero within months. In order to achieve their desired results they use steroids, and some of them use it after misinterpreting them as a health supplement. 

This dark secret is often unknown to those who just want to grow muscles ASAP. According to, some trainers or gym owners recommend these steroid based products to their members to get the desired results. The user finds that the claims are true, as their muscles start to grow within weeks. Those who recommend these products, do it because of the commission, which is often more than the Gym fees itself.

Real Protein Supplements cost around 4 times more than a fake one. Those who take the fake don't know that they are taking steroids.

Once you have grown muscles with steroids, it becomes an obsession. Your desire to have more of them to keep your body in attractive shape becomes so strong that you become an addict. Even using these steroids once can make you an addict.

Steroids are often promoted as a product which will burn the fat and convert in into muscles. Even unknowingly taking steroids can make you an addict. They are available in form of powder, pills and injections.

If a person quits taking steroids then he may face mood swings, depression, tiredness and insomnia. These withdrawal symptoms often become a hurdle in quitting.

Lets come to actual and most fatal side effect of using steroids : It can kill ! 

A 28 year old guy used steroids to get six-pack-abs before his marriage, but ended up dead due to swelling in brain. A 22 year old guy who desired to be a model, got his liver and kidney damaged by using steroids. Most of such cases are not published or reported because the person don't want to admit it that he damaged his body from inside in order to make it look better. Some of them do it unintentionally as their gym offered the product to them at a reasonable price.

Some protein powder manufactures add steroids in their final product to achieve better results and make the user an addict.

Using steroids for bodybuilding is not just wrong but it is illegal also. Lets take a look at serious side-effects of using steroids.

  • Liver and Kidney are damaged by Steroids as it burdens their regular work by producing excess proteins.
  • Hormone Disorders are also reported due to steroid usage. One of such disorders are man-breasts that occur due to hormone disorder. Cosmetic surgeries to remove man-breasts are getting popular now a days.
  • Anabolic Steroids mimic the testosterone hormone which is naturally produced by testicles, but as our body senses that its level is increasing then it stops producing it. Anabolic Steroids decrease sperm count which can lead to infertility. It can also shrink the size of testicles. Sometimes this effect is permanent.
  • Heart Diseases also occur due to steroid usage as it increases cholesterol level in blood. Size of blood vessels also get reduced and may result in hypertension on regular basis. Exercising under such conditions can be fatal.
  • Anabolic steroids suppresses our immune system and make the user prone to infections.
  • Protein overdose due to anabolic steroids happens because these steroids increase the production of body-building proteins in our body. Sometimes our body can get overburdened due to these proteins. Protein poisoning can be fatal sometimes.
  • Swelling in brain and reduced oxygen supply to brain can also occur due to anabolic steroids, which is a life threatening condition.

What are Steroids ?

Naturally steroids are produced in our body to make our body function properly. Testosterone hormone is the most well known steroid which is responsible for developing muscles, bones and other manly characteristics.

History of Steroid Abuse ?

During 1930s artificial steroids emerged in market which can mimic the testosterone hormone. It was developed to treat diseases, but sooner athletes started to use it due to it muscle making capabilities. In 1954 Olympics, Russian weightlifters used anabolic steroids. Till 1970 these steroids were used without any regulations, but as their side effects were observed they were banned by most of the sports regulating authorities.

Whose muscles are Better ? Athlete or Bodybuilder

Final Note: Healthy body is much better than body of a body builder. Don't abuse your body just to make your muscles look bigger. Actual strength is produced by regular practice and workout, which may take years.

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