Do you know your Body ? - Quiz

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Most of us are more interested in knowing about "Water on Mars" than caring about drinking appropriate amount of water to remain healthy. At, we believe that knowing your own body and internal biological machinery is far more important. Our body is full of mysteries, yet it is the best machine (or biological machine) ever designed by nature. Most of us think that it is just BRAIN that we don't know much about, but truth is that our whole body is a book of mysteries. The more you know about it, the more you feel grateful to nature (or God) for putting you into this masterpiece.

If you think that you know your body, then this quiz will be a challenge for you. Even if you don't score 100%, you will definitely learn something new by the end of the quiz.

Do you Know your Body ?

  • At the end of the quiz you will get a summary with correct answers.
  • A timer will show the time spent.
  • You may use HELP to get the articles, where you may find the answers. But the clock will keep ticking during that time.
  • In the end, please comment to tell us if you learnt something new.

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