Why women don't develop muscles like men ?

Usually bodybuilding is considered as an activity for men, not women. But some women are acting against the dominance of men in this field. During recent decades a number of female bodybuilders have gained popularity and motivated a number of women to go to gym. Exercising is a good habit for both men and women, but when it comes to muscle development the female counterparts lack in something. Even if women workout equivalent to men, the muscle development will be lesser and exertion will be more. The reason behind this thing is natural, its the male hormone Testosterone.

Role of Testosterone in Muscle Development

Testosterone is known as a male hormone and its responsible for muscle development. When we do a workout, some wear and tear happens in our muscles. At this time is generated to repair those muscles and make them even stronger for next use. So as you repeat the same exercise again and again in the following days on the same muscles, those muscles start developing. Its a simple adaptation of muscles for the workload. Bodybuilders utilize this feature of body to shape some particular muscles and design exercises to develop them.

Why women can't develop muscles like men ?

The answer to this question is the level of testosterone hormone in women, which is much lesser than men.

Do women have testosterone ?

Yes, women have testosterone. But the quantity is just 5% of a men. This quantity is sufficient enough to repair the muscles but not enough to develop them like men. But still a women who workout on regular basis can have better muscles than those men who don't exercise.

Is it a good decision for a women to be bodybuilder ?

We can't say either its a good decision or a bad decision. Its a personal choice. But women need to work harder than men to develop the muscles. They don't only need good workout but some food supplements and hormones as well. All female bodybuilders who have become a role model for several women have achieved that body after a lot of hard work and dedication.

There is no need for men to be happy after reading this article. There are a lot of things that a men can't do, but a women can. To know more about those things read our next article "Who's body is Better: Men or Women ?" .

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