Who's body is better : Men or Women ?

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Both men and women are created by nature to complete each other. There will be no existence of them without each other. But still sometimes we compare their bodies and try to figure it out that which one is better among them. Men often try to overpower women by their muscularity, but what they don't know is that there are a lot of things where they lack. Lets take a look at positive points of both bodies.

Why men's body is better ?

  • Usually men have more height and weight which makes them more appropriate for heavy work.
  • Men are better driver than women, its because their eyes and brain are more motion sensitive and create better 3D visuals than women. Men often make fun of women due to their driving skills which is a bad thing.
  • Men can throw better than women, its something natural. A recent research found that the technique of throwing differs in both sexes. Women twist their shoulders and hips at the same time while throwing a ball. While men first twist their hips and then shoulder, which gives a better push to the ball.
  • Men are better in Maths. Its a truth but only one sided. The reality is that boys perform better than girls but also worst than girls. Usually girls remain an average student in maths, while boys are both topper and failures. So if you go for average marks of boys and girls then its equal. 
  • Men sleep better. Usually most of the men forget any worries during their sleep while a women don't. Women's sleep is often disturbed by their worries.
  • Men can drink more than women. Women have less body water compared to men which increases alcohol concentration in their bodies, while men have better enzymes to digest alcohol. So women can easily feel drunk in lesser amount of alcohol. And men can take few extra pegs to reach the same level. Some of you might think that its a negative thing for men.
  • Men have got more testosterone hormone in their body, which can easily help them in getting more powerful muscles then women. Men have 20 times more testosterone than women.

Why a women's body is better ?

  • Average IQ level of women is more than men, at least since the records of IQ level have begun. Half of the war is already won by this point.
  • Women can see more colors than men. Where men see just a single red color, the women can see various shades of red.
  • In the men's part we told that men sleep better but women can't due to worries. Its actually a positive thing about women. They care more about heir husband and kids (even while sleeping). A new mum is the best example of this thing who disturbs her sleep several times just to feed the baby and change diapers while most of the men just sleep.
  • Women doctors are better than men. A recent research found that women doctors often go for the right tests and prescribe correct medicines. Its because they stick more to the guidelines compared to the men doctors.
  • A women can carry a child inside her belly for nine months. No matter how much muscles a men have, no men on planet have the power or courage to tie the same weight (as pregnant women) on his belly and keep it tied day and night for nine months. Even if some mad guy is able to tie the weight, men's body have no organ to develop a baby inside her body. This feature in females makes them something, no men can be. Nature has given her womb, where a new life can generate. Women gives new life while men just make weapons to destroy life on earth. If i am being oversensitive in writing this point, then pardon me.
  • Men may have more muscular power but a women can bear more pain. The pain of delivering a baby is something that no men can bear.
  • A research published in International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics found that women are better boss than men. Companies led by women perform better and ladies have good decision taking ability when it comes to business.
  • Women are better at multitasking. According to psychologists men become slow and unorganized when asked to do multiple tasks at once. 
After reading this article most of you must be thinking that Women Win. Yes you are right. An intelligent men is that who know it that women don't like to loose. If you are a married men then always remember this thing that when it comes to women then either win or be happy :-) . 
Fun is a different thing, but truth is that women plays role of a daughter, sister and mother, and all of these roles are much better than roles of a son, brother and father. Respect every women and you will get love and compassion and some good food as well :-) .
Comparing the bodies of men and women in this article was done to just increase your knowledge, not to tell who is superior. We are all incomplete without our partner.

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