Top 10 Brain Diseases List | Rare, Degenerative, Fatal and Incurable

Human Brain is one of the most complicated organs. Scientists are still researching to know its functions and the mechanism behind it. Brain controls the complete human body and regulates their functions. In a minor injury in the brain can result in serious effects. It’s not necessary for the injury to be external. Mostly internal injury of brain result into wrong functioning of brain.

There are a number of rare brain diseases which are fatal, degenerative and incurable in nature. We are providing a list of these diseases. We will provide more information about these diseases later on.

Top 10 Brain Diseases List

  • Astasia-Abasia

  • Anosognia

  • Broca's Aphasia

  • Palinopsia

  • Dysmimia or Amimia

  • Verbal Dysdecorum

  • Dysantigraphia

  • Amelodia

  • Anhedonia

  • Jargonaphasia

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