High Blood Pressure Diet Plan, Tips and Diet Chart

A controlled diet can help a lot if a person is suffering from high blood pressure. Here we will discuss some common diet tips, diet plan and finally a good diet chart to help High Blood Pressure patients maintain a controlled blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Diet Tips

  • Make least use of salt in your diet.

  • High sodium diet increase blood pressure. So not only salt but also other food materials which contain sodium should be avoided.

  • Fruits should be eaten as much as you can. They are high in potassium, magnesium and fiber, which are good for blood pressure patients. Sodium is negligible in fruits.

  • Legumes, nuts and seeds are also good source of magnesium.

High Blood Pressure Diet Plan

Prepare a diet plan which is low in fat and salt. Make a plan for complete week, so that the diet is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Quantity of sodium should be 2300mg per day. But if your age is above 51 years then it should be around 1500mg per day.

Always plan food items to shop. Give time to prepare the list and then stick to that list while shopping. Sometime we shop a lot of junk food if we are shopping in an unplanned manner. Junk food is most unhealthy way of diet. A blood pressure patient should be aware of his/her diet and don’t eat junk food.

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High Blood Pressure Diet Chart

Prepare a diary and make entry of your daily diet. In long run it can help you in diagnosing which food item is having bad impact on your health and then you can reduce or stop taking that particular food item.

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