How to get Six Pack Abs in 10 Minutes

Everything told in this video is possible. You just need a little hard work and dedication.
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  Benifits of Six Pack Abs:
1. Girls like it !
2. It will make you feel stronger
3. Girls like it ! :-)
4. It will help you in staying fit. After all fitness the best property a man can have.
5. Girls like it ! :-) :-)
6. It will make you believe in yourself. Thus improving self confidence
7. Girls Super-Like it !  :-) :-) :-)

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Facts about Tomato | Facts for Heart, Health and Living Longer

Tomato is not just a salad that we can have with our lunch or dinner, but rather its lot more. It’s a natural medicine that cures a number of diseases, and help us in living a healthy and long life.
Here you will know some unknown facts about tomato and how it can act as an alternate to number of medicines.

Facts about Tomato

  • Tomato contains lycopene, a chemical that helps in fighting against cancer. However lycopene is also available in form of medicines but our body absorbs it more from a natural source. Researches have shown positive results in case of breast cancer and bladder cancer. Our body can extract more lycopene from cooked tomatoes.

  • Tomato is also beneficial in cardiovascular diseases. Cases of Heart attack are reported less in those people who are fond of tomatoes.

  • Tomato is beneficial in High Blood Pressure patients. A specific tomato extract (Lyc-O-Mato) lowers the high BP and helps in a number of untreated cases of high blood pressure.

  • Some people believe that it can also cure diabetes.

  • Tomato can also be used to treat Cataract, Asthma, Arthritis, Common Cold, Chills and Digestive Disorders

  • Some researchers have shown that tomato contain some anti-aging elements which can help us in living longer.

  • Tomato leaves are poisonous in nature. So don’t ever use them by thinking that it may help more in treating diseases.

Asthma Causes and Risk Factors in Adults

Asthma is one of the most famous respiratory diseases. Out of every six cases of asthma one is caused due to improper workplace environment. Here we will discuss a few risk factors about Asthma.

Asthma Causes and Risk Factors in Adults

  • If there is a history of Asthma in your blood relation then you might be at risk.

  • If you have a history of hay fever, then you are more prone to Asthma.

  • If you are overweight

  • If you are a smoker. It is not necessary to be a chain smoker to be a patient of Asthma.

  • Even passive smokers are likely to get asthma.

  • In some cases children also have high chances of asthma if their mother was a smoker during pregnancy.

  • Exposure to pollution is also a main reason behind asthma in the modern lifestyle of metropolitan cities.

  • Chemicals used in various beauty parlor products are sometimes found responsible for Asthma.

  • Low birth weight is also sometimes found a common symptom in children suffering from Asthma.

Apart for these risk factors there are a number of other factors responsible for Asthma. It is better to avoid as many of them as possible. Live a simple and healthy lifestyle is the best way to avoid this disease.