Facts about Tomato | Facts for Heart, Health and Living Longer

Tomato is not just a salad that we can have with our lunch or dinner, but rather its lot more. It’s a natural medicine that cures a number of diseases, and help us in living a healthy and long life.
Here you will know some unknown facts about tomato and how it can act as an alternate to number of medicines.

Facts about Tomato

  • Tomato contains lycopene, a chemical that helps in fighting against cancer. However lycopene is also available in form of medicines but our body absorbs it more from a natural source. Researches have shown positive results in case of breast cancer and bladder cancer. Our body can extract more lycopene from cooked tomatoes.

  • Tomato is also beneficial in cardiovascular diseases. Cases of Heart attack are reported less in those people who are fond of tomatoes.

  • Tomato is beneficial in High Blood Pressure patients. A specific tomato extract (Lyc-O-Mato) lowers the high BP and helps in a number of untreated cases of high blood pressure.

  • Some people believe that it can also cure diabetes.

  • Tomato can also be used to treat Cataract, Asthma, Arthritis, Common Cold, Chills and Digestive Disorders

  • Some researchers have shown that tomato contain some anti-aging elements which can help us in living longer.

  • Tomato leaves are poisonous in nature. So don’t ever use them by thinking that it may help more in treating diseases.

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