Diabetes Side Effects in Men and Women on Brain Eyes and Skin

Diabetes Side Effects in Men & Women

Diabetes is well known for its side effects. In this disease the patient not only need to take care of his/her diet but also take care of side-effects caused by diabetes. One major well known side effect is on fresh wounds, as it take a long time for clotting to happen. So major injuries can result in high blood loss. Here betterhealthfacts.com will tell you some other side effects of diabetes and precautions that you can use to get over them.

Diabetes Side Effects

  • In a diabetic person the sugar level might get low as well, so he/she should always keep some sugar product handy to eat (especially when they are out of your home).
  • It takes longer to heal an injury. In diabetic person both clotting and healing process are slowed down. It might be 2 to 10 times slower than normal person. The speed of healing process also depends on your sugar level. It better to keep a first aid kit and dressing material handy. Avoid injuries but still if something happens wrong then don't wait for blood to stop, instead use the dressing material to stop the blood flow.
  • Another side effect of diabetes is on eyesight . If at any point of time you feel blurred vision or continuous pain in your head then consult your doctor as it might be symptom of eyesight problem.
  • People who don't take care of their diet and medicines instead of being diabetic, might face a kidney failure in their life. This is the worst thing that a diabetic person might face. 

Don't get feared by all these side effects, as if you take a balanced diet suggested by your doctor and proper medication, then you can easily get over these side effects. The side effects discussed above are common in men and women. In next update we will discuss more about separate side effects of diabetes in men and women.

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