Trypophobia Test, Causes, Cure and Treatment


Trypophobia is a relatively new term in medical science. It came into existence in year 2005. Trypo is a greek term (just like other scientific words), which means "drilling or boring holes". A research by Arnold Wilkins and Geoff Cole described it as a mental disorder. Most of the doctors don't believe that there is any such disease. They believe Trypophobia is just a fear from beehives and antholes which result in people assuming that such structures are present on their skin. Research is still going on to find if Trypophobia is a real disease or not.

Trypophobia Test

Some people often search for "Trypophobia Test" on google to find if there is any test available to diagnose Trypophobia disease. As Trypophobia is not a recognized mental disorder by psychologists

Trypophobia Causes

Trypophobia is fear of clustered holes. Which means if you are over fearful of clustered holes then there are chances that at some time you might feel that you are suffering from Trypophobia. There is no other specific cause of Trypophobia.

Trypophobia Treatment

Trypophobia is not a recognised disease, so there is no specific treatment or medicine. Some people believe that behavioral therapy can be helpful in this disease. The fear of holes just need to be removed from subconscious mind.

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