How to Live longer and Healthier Life using some Simple Tips

Living a long and healthy life is a dream of every person on Earth. But do we really follow a lifestyle that can make our body stay healthy for a longer period of time? The answer is "No". Most of us don't care about our body. Instead we care about Food, Relations, Earnings, Shopping and a lot of other things. We should should care about all these things but we should also give some part of our daily time for our body. Even 30 Minutes are sufficient.

Linus Pauling wrote a book named "How to Live Longer and Feel Better". This was one of the most inspiring book to teach how to live longer. Linus Pauling lived for 93 Years and won Nobel Prize for Chemistry and Peace. He was one of the best known scientists of 20th Century.

Here are a few Tips on How to Live longer and healthier life:

1). Don't Smoke : Smoking is one of the most spread unhealthy practice. Its not only bad for your lungs but it can also cause cancer.
2). Don't Overeat: Most of the diseases start from our digestive system. Overeating can cause overloading of work on any of the organs involved in the process of digestion.
3). Drink Plenty of Water: Never wait for drinking water. Most of the internal tasks in our body need water. We evaporate 10 cups of water daily through sweating or breathing. Our eyes need continuous supply of water to keep them clean and working. Our digestive system needs water for proper digestion of food. Our kidneys need proper amount of water in the body to purify blood, else your urine may become acidic. So Water saves us from a lot of diseases and keep our body healthy.
4). Don't eat fast food on regular basis: Regular use of fast food is injurious to health as most of them contain chemical flavors and other ingredients that may be harmful for our body.
5) . Exercise on Regular Basis: There are some exercises which don't need any equipment and they are good for health. Some of such exercises are:

  • Squatting
  • Running or Jogging
  • Swimming

6). Chocolate, Tea and Red Wine : All of these are antioxidants and minimizes the chances of getting cancer. Green Tea increases metabolic rate, slows down aging, and don't let your weight increase. Green Tea also reduces the chances of Heart Attack. Similarly Red Wine is also good for heart as it maintains the elasticity of arteries.
7). Eat Fruits: They provide good amount of vitamins and minerals as they are eaten uncooked.
8). Reduce Stress:  Stress is one of the main causes of psychological problems. So try to keep yourselves busy and don't take much burden of anything. It will pass.... If you feel stressed then indulge in some activity of have fun like, watching movie or going on a trip. Having a positive attitude can add 7 to 8 years in your life.
9). Educate Yourself: It not only helps you to earn a good salary during your working age, but also provide you self dependency at an old age. You will never feel that you are burden on somebody else and gives you a positive feeling.
10). Sleep Tight: A good sleep is necessary for a healthy body. Sleep heals your body and regeneration of cells occurs. It affects your mental health as well, as your brain gets proper amount of rest.
11). Proper Dental Care: Teeth are one of the most necessary part of body. Brush daily and visit your dentist regularly after an age of 40 Years.
12). Laugh: Its necessary at least once a day. It releases feel good hormones which are necessary for body. It reduces stress and Blood Pressure.
13).Good Partner: Its not only necessary for a good night life but also for sharing your feelings and thoughts on any matter. If you don't do that you will start to feel stressed.
14). Be Happy: You can't live a healthy life if you remain unhappy. Unhappiness automatically reduces years from your life.
15). Meditation or Yoga: It has also made a good impact on life span of a human being. It not only provides physical fitness but also a calmness of mind.
We hope that these things will help you in increasing your life and make it happier.

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