Benefits of Egg White as a Facial Mask

Do you want to try the magical effect of egg white facial mask? I highly recommend you to must try its glamorous glowing effect on your face. Egg is a great source of protein that helps in body nourishment. Its nutrients are also good in skin nourishment. Egg white is the clear liquid part of the egg. It contains albumin, mucoprotiens and globulin. Using it as facial mask tightens the pores and lift face skin temporarily. 

Some health benefits of using egg white as facial mask:

  1. It is good for oily skin. Egg white reduces oil in skin by attracting oil to come out and absorbed it afterwards. You can notice the immediate oil reduction right after the process.
  2. It prevents gathering dirt in pores because this mask makes the skin pores smaller. It therefore ends your agony on acne and pimples.
  3. It cleans skin deeply leaving it smooth and glowing.
  4. Putting egg white mask once a week will tighten your pores and skin. It will be a good technique in the suspension of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on face.
  5. It helps to remove whiteheads and blackheads with a small amount of lemon juice. Whiteheads are blocked pores with oil and dirt. Egg whites also help to restore and nurture the skin.
  6. It is best in skin exfoliating because of its vitamin A content. 
  7. It amazingly whitens the face. At first, I didn’t believe on this but one day after using it for one month, my friends can’t help to compliment the result that is really visible on my face. It whitens the skin while enjoying its glowing effect.
  8. It can treat burns. My fireman friend told me that they were trained to apply white egg on skin in case of burn as first aid. It can save your skin and be like normal after the complete treatment. It sounds miracle but it is true.
I have already read a lot of testimonies about the benefits of this facial mask but I was not convinced until I have tried it. Yes, it is very messy to apply and a bit smelly but it is rewarding when the result is already visible. Doing this is not expensive as compare to commercialize facial mask and spa treatments but the results is nearly the same. Come to think of this, how much do you pay in temporary face lifting? Is expensive, right? But in making homemade egg white facial mask you can enjoy the same benefit without sacrificing the budget of the family. All you have to do is to get an egg in your fridge and do the treatment all by yourself. One thing more, one egg is too much for your face alone, your family member can also use it and get the same result as you. Being beautiful does not mean that you have to spend much money, almost all natural beauty products are in the kitchen.

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