How to Lower Triglycerides with Diet and Exercise | Easy Tips

What are Triglycerides ?
Will Exercise help to reduce Triglycerides count ?
Will Dieting lower my Triglycerides ?

These are some basic questions that you may ask if you find increased level of Triglycerides in your blood report. We will try to answer all of these questions and help you in the best possible way to lower your Triglycerides level. So lets start from the very first question.

What are Triglycerides ?

In simple terminology Triglycerides is the fat deposited in our body and increased level of Triglycerides is something to worry about. If you want to know more about Triglycerides then read following points:

Whenever we eat something fatty or rich in carbohydrates our Triglycerides level is increased. Triglycerides are the end product created by our digestive system from fat that we eat.
  • The reason for increased level of Triglycerides is that if can't consume what we ate.
  • Our body store that fat in form of globules which are deposited on our hips and belly. Lipoproteins in our blood help transport these globules through blood stream to our hips and belly.
  • So if your hips and belly size is increasing at a good speed then you need to change your life style.
  • Increased Triglycerides level may result in thicker blood, which causes blood pressure. Thicker blood can easily form clots inside blood vessels (in extreme cases) and may result in heart attack.
  • If Triglycerides level remain increased for a long period then it may harm your heart health.

What causes increase in Triglycerides level ?

There are various reasons for increase in Triglycerides. Some of the common reasons are discussed below.

  • Fatty Diet : If you like fatty diet, then chances of higher Triglycerides level increases in you with your age. Specially if you don't indulge in a physical activity on a regular basis.
  • Lack of Physical Activities: Sometimes even if you don't eat fatty diet, your Triglycerides may increase if your body don't consume what you eat. Our body can generate triglycerides from the extra calories that we consume every day.
  • Genetic Factor: If you think that you are aware of the above factors and check you diet and physical workout and still your Triglycerides are increasing then it might be a genetic factor. In that case consult your doctor as soon as possible

How to lower Triglycerides with Diet

Triglycerides can be reduced if you take care of following things in your diet.

  • Don't eat fatty diet especially which is rich in bad cholesterol. 
  • Avoid excess amount of carbohydrates in your diet.
  • Don't eat that you can't consume. Sometimes overeating can be very harmful if you are doing it on regular basis. Even if you are not eating fat or carbohydrate rich food, the extra calories due to overeating can affect you. These extra calories will be transformed into Triglycerides and later deposited on your belly and hips.

How to lower Triglycerides with Exercises

Some physical activities like aerobics, jogging or workout in gym can help a lot if you are trying to lower your Triglycerides level. According to some reports aerobics is the best way to reduce the count of triglycerides in your blood. Some people prefer to do workout in gym or weight lifting and you should consult your doctor before taking such form of workout into action. High Triglycerides patients may also have higher cholesterol level  which may result in higher blood pressure, so exercises like wight lifting might harm you.

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