E Cigarette Side Effects

E Cigarette were introduced in 2007 to the UK market. However they were invented by a Chinese Chemist in year 2003. The restriction on tobacco products take people addicted to cigarette to this new version of cigarette which is not banned by any law as it don't contain tobacco.

The only benefit of this e cigarette is that its tobacco free, which means no harmful tar and carbon monoxide. When we hear about these benefits we think that there are no side effects of e cigarette. We don't try to know how it works and what it contains. So here we will discuss some major e cigarette side effects. E cigarette side effects are both medical and social and both should be considered with equal attention as tobacco products were banned taking safety of whole society into consideration.

E Cigarette Side Effects  

  • The most dangerous thing in an e cigarette is nicotine. And its not healthy. Its the same constituent of a cigarette which makes people addicted to it.
  • There is no ban on nicotine so people will use it more and become more addicted. 
  • There is no age restriction in using e cigarette so minors are also using it in full flow. This is the worst E cigarette side effect.
  • Its cost of usage is another e cigarette side effect. However in some countries the cost of e cigarette is less but in some countries it costs much more than usual cigarettes. It directly affects the economy of a simple household.
  • Some new users of e cigarette face side effects like nausea, sweating, increased heart rate and jitters.
  • Long term effects of e cigarette are still being studied so its quiet early to say that they are really safe. However you can say that they are safer than traditional cigarette but e cigarette also have side effects.

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