Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Cost, Schedule and Side Effects

Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese encephalitis (JE) is caused mostly by mosquito bite. Most of the cases of Japanese Encephalitis occur in Asia and Western Pacific. Out of those who are infected with Japanese Encephalitis Virus only a few develop encephalitis. Around 45000 cases of Japanese Encephalitis are reported every year. 20-30% of them die, and about 50% survive with permanent brain damage. Japanese Encephalitis occur most in children up to the age of 15 Years. Some studies have shown that Japanese Encephalitis occur in those areas where pigs are raised and areas rich in rice production. JE Virus is spread by infected mosquitoes.

In early 20th century Japanese Encephalitis was reported mostly in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Its cases are reduced in China and Japan due to wide spread immunization. Now a days its spreading in south east Asian countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Australia. It might be due to widespread pig farming in these countries. Migratory birds might have taken Japanese Encephalitis Virus from China to these countries and rice and pig farming have helped the virus to spread at a great speed.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

Product: JE-VAX (inactivated virus grown in mouse brain vaccine (JE-MB))
Manufacturer: Biken (distributed by Sanofi Pasteur)
Licensed: 1992 (This vaccine is no longer available as all stocks of this vaccine in the US expired in May, 2011)

Product: Ixiaro (inactivated virus grown in VERO cell tissue culture vaccine (JE-VC))
Manufacturer: Intercell (distributed by Novartis)
Licensed: 2009

JE-VC vaccine is used for those travelers aged over 17 years who are going to those countries where Japanese Encephalitis Virus can affect you.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Side Effects

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine, JE-VC, don't have any major side effects. Its already tested on more than 5000 adults and shown no serious side effects except local pain, swelling and redness, or fever.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Schedule

JE-VC is given as a intramuscular injection. Its given in 2 doses at a gap of 28 days. These doses should be taken one week before exposure to Japanese Encephalitis Virus. The dose is 0.5 ml. There is a JE-VC booster dose that can be given 2 years after primary series.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Cost

$390 per 2-dose primary series for JE-VC in 2009

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