Brain Transplant Possible - Fact or Myth

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Brain Transplant attracts our attention in a second. It seems nearly impossible. In a world where we are still struggling with the success rate of other organ transplant, how can we assume that brain transplant is ever possible. But there are some people who think that its possible.

Dr. Sergio Canavero working at Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group (TANG) in Italy has recently told that brain transplant is possible. He named this procedure as HEAVEN-GEMINI. According to him this procedure is tested successfully on other animals and within 2 years it will be available for humans. Brain Transplant will cure people from terminal diseases like cancer and many more. To conduct the brain transplant it will take 100 Surgeons and 36 hours of surgery. Then the patient will be kept in coma for 3 to 4 weeks and then it will take him/her 1 year to walk properly with the help of physical therapy.

Brain Transplant will be different from other transplants, as in this case recipient will have his / her brain transplanted inside donors body. So according to the theory part, memory will be same but complete body will be changed. Its like a complete body transplant.

Some people think that its almost impossible as our brain is much more complicated then what we think it is. We only know about 15 to 20 percent functionality of brain. We can't connect each nerve from brain to the spinal cord in the right manner. 

Apart from that, those who don't know much about medical science but do know about social science think that even if its possible, it will be unacceptable by society. As the body will be same but the person inside it will be changed. It will create unthinkable circumstances in the society. Even every wealthy would like a get a new body as he / she will age. It will increase the demand of young healthy humans willing to donate their body. So needy and wealthy people might use illegal methods to get a good body. Its nearly impossible to get a health and young body in a legal way as there are very rare cases where complete body is healthy but brain is dead. Who will be willing to donate his body ?

At present brain transplant is a thing of future. No body know if this fiction will ever become a reality but it needs a lot of discussion before it ever done. We will not to discuss a number of legal and social issue before implementing it. 

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