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Transplant Tourism Pros and Cons (Unknown Facts)

A number of people in US go to Asian countries to get organ transplant and then return to US for follow-up care. There are various reasons why they prefer that. Here we will discuss both pros(benefits) and cons(disadvantages) of Transplant Tourism. Transplant tourism makes a big part of medical tourism in all developed countries.

Pros of Transplant Tourism

The pros of Transplant tourism can be known after go into depth and find why patients prefer Transplant Tourism. Both donors and recipients sometimes have something good in it.
According to recipients:

  • Sometimes its a cheaper or faster alternative for getting a new organ. Transplant costs in developed countries like US are much more than some developing Asian Countries. Even the addition of Air Fare is not a burden in transplant tourism.
  • The belief that patient will get a disease free life after transplant.

According to donor:

  • It proves to be an easy source of one time earning.

Cons of Transplant Tourism

  • In case of transplant from a donor of different continent the chances of rejection of that organ by recipient body is much more. Its because the organ and body belong to different genetic ancestors.
  • In some cases the organs come with some diseases as the donor either never received any vaccination or never get tested for that disease before donation.
  • Some times the recipient is not aware of laws and rules about organ donation in that country and may find themselves in trouble if something goes wrong.
  • Sometimes the transplant is a success but the organ fails within a week or 2.
  • In most of the cases the donor belongs to a poor background and selling his organ to get rid of some kind of loan.
  • Sometimes you are are not aware of the fact that you are becoming a part of illegal organ donation. 
  • In some cases the donor is not aware of the act and his/her organ is taken without his consent. Human trafficking is done to get such donors.

Unknown Facts of Transplant Tourism

Now we are bringing some unknown facts about Transplant Tourism. These facts might bring the real picture of transplant tourism in front of you.

  • In 2003 an international study revealed that a kidney recipient paid $100,000 while the donor received just $800.
  • There is no after care provided for donors in developing or undeveloped countries.
  • Transplant tourism is banned in Istanbul because it violates the principles of equity, justice and respect of human dignity.
  • In 1997 Brazil passed a law to make it illegal to sell organs. In 1998 a new law was made to make every adult an organ donor at death.
  • According to a 1984 law in China, organs from an executed prisoner can be transplanted if the family don't claims the body.
  • The huge need of organs for transplant has opened gates for criminals for illegal trafficking of human organs. The use every illegal way for that varying from kidnapping to murdering.
  • Major Organ exporters on the map are Pakistan, China, India, Philippines, Bolivia, Brazil, Iraq, Egypt and South Africa.
  • Major Importers of Organs are residents of developed countries like Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia and USA. 

According to a study by American Medical Association on kidney donation in India.

  • 96% donors donated their kidney to recover from some debt.
  • 74% failed to pay their debt even after 6 years of donation.
  • 86% reported that their health condition deteriorated after donation.
  • 79% of donors don't recommend it to others.

The team of believes in organ donation as a healthy practice and want every body to donate their organs at death. It will not only remove organ trafficking but will also save those who sell their organs for just money.

Kidney Transplant and Dialysis Facts

In US there are 123,000 patients waiting for an organ donation. Out of these patients 100,000 are waiting for a kidney. Kidney is the most transplanted organ in medical history. But still only 16000 kidney transplants are done every year. These figures are sufficient to tell the shortage of kidney donors.

Why do one need a Kidney Transplant or Dialysis

Kidney transplant or Dialysis is needed after kidney failure. Till one kidney is arranged, the patient may survive on dialysis. The function of our kidney is to purify the blood by extracting excess fluid, toxins, salts and minerals from it. If this purification is not done then our blood pressure will increase and our bones will become weaker day by day. Shortage of hemoglobin may also occur as hemoglobin is manufactured inside bone marrow. To overcome this thing artificially the blood is purified through machines, which is called Dialysis. It takes 4 to 5 hours for the dialysis to complete and needs to be repeated around thrice per week.

Dialysis vs Kidney Transplant

Dialysis bounds a patient life in certain limits. The patient can't enjoy the life to proper extent as he bound to remain near his dialysis center and visit it every alternative day. If the dialysis expenditure is not covered in your health insurance then it becomes an economic burden as well.
If we compare dialysis to kidney transplant then Kidney transplant is better. But Kidney transplant is not the final step of the treatment. But still Kidney Transplant is the better option. It gives you freedom to a certain extent.
Some patients in US prefer a dialysis machine at home, which gives them certain extent of freedom. But it needs a dedicated operator of the machine who have received the 4-6 weeks dialysis training. Even a family member can receive this training and get it done for you at home.

Facts about Kidney Transplant

  • Kidney from a living donor is more successful than from a deceased donor.
  • If you are suffering from Diabetes or suffered a heart attack then your doctor might not recommend a transplant for you. Age and health condition is also checked before transplant.
  • Before a transplant doctors check if its a match for you (blood group and tissue type). Its transplanted only if it matches you.
  • Kidney of a family member has more chances of body acceptance.
  • Immunosuppressive drugs are given to patient after a transplant, so that the immune system in body don't reject the new kidney taking it as a foreign material.
  • The old deceased kidneys still remains in your body and the new kidney is placed below in the groin region taking blood supply from one of the legs.
  • Body of an overweight receiver is less likely to support a new kidney compared to a healthy person. So doctors advice you to keep your BMI index under 30.
  • Usually women patients get more offers of kidney donation from family members but still women receive lesser transplants. The reason is that they don't prefer transplant from a living donor.
  • Kidney from a living donor starts working immediately, while kidney from a deceased donor may take a few days or weeks to start working. In the mean time the patient may need dialysis.
  • The living donor might put his health insurance at stake. In some countries the kidney donor are either not considered suitable for health insurance or they have to pay extra premium amount for their health insurance.
  • Only 60% of kidneys received from a living donor works for more than 15 years compared to 50% in case of deceased donor.
  • Only 80% of kidneys received from a living donor works for more than 5 years compared to 70% in case of deceased donor.

Brain Transplant Possible - Fact or Myth

Brain Transplant attracts our attention in a second. It seems nearly impossible. In a world where we are still struggling with the success rate of other organ transplant, how can we assume that brain transplant is ever possible. But there are some people who think that its possible.

Dr. Sergio Canavero working at Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group (TANG) in Italy has recently told that brain transplant is possible. He named this procedure as HEAVEN-GEMINI. According to him this procedure is tested successfully on other animals and within 2 years it will be available for humans. Brain Transplant will cure people from terminal diseases like cancer and many more. To conduct the brain transplant it will take 100 Surgeons and 36 hours of surgery. Then the patient will be kept in coma for 3 to 4 weeks and then it will take him/her 1 year to walk properly with the help of physical therapy.

Brain Transplant will be different from other transplants, as in this case recipient will have his / her brain transplanted inside donors body. So according to the theory part, memory will be same but complete body will be changed. Its like a complete body transplant.

Some people think that its almost impossible as our brain is much more complicated then what we think it is. We only know about 15 to 20 percent functionality of brain. We can't connect each nerve from brain to the spinal cord in the right manner. 

Apart from that, those who don't know much about medical science but do know about social science think that even if its possible, it will be unacceptable by society. As the body will be same but the person inside it will be changed. It will create unthinkable circumstances in the society. Even every wealthy would like a get a new body as he / she will age. It will increase the demand of young healthy humans willing to donate their body. So needy and wealthy people might use illegal methods to get a good body. Its nearly impossible to get a health and young body in a legal way as there are very rare cases where complete body is healthy but brain is dead. Who will be willing to donate his body ?

At present brain transplant is a thing of future. No body know if this fiction will ever become a reality but it needs a lot of discussion before it ever done. We will not to discuss a number of legal and social issue before implementing it.