Yoga to Stop Hair Fall (Asanas to prevent Hair Loss)

Yoga is considered as one of the best technique to remove the side effects of stress, which is a major cause of Hair Fall. Here we are describing some of the Asanas which will not only remove stress but also prevent hair loss. You have to just trust these yoga techniques and do them properly. Yoga Asanas can prevent hair loss much faster then any medication if its done properly.

Balayam Yoga (Rubbing Nails)

This yoga was made popular in India by Swami Ramdev. This yogasana is known to improve hair quality and stop hair loss. You can do it anywhere while sitting or standing. This yoga is also known to remove dandruff and early greying of hairs.

Sarvang Asana (The Shoulder Stand)

Benefits of Sarvang Asana: Effective for Excessive anger or hate, Migraine headache, Liver disorder, hemorrhoids, Anemia, Hypertension, activate cells for new growth, proper blood supply to scalp.

Description of Sarvang Asana: Lie on the floor with your legs together and your palms facing floor by your sides. Now Inhale and push down on your hands and try to raise your legs straight up above you. You have to lift your hips up in air. When you have reached upto 45 degress in air, then exhale and use your arms to support your body and lift it up to 90 degrees. Try to hold yourselves near your shoulder. Now breathe slowly and deeply.

Adho Mukha Savasana (Downward Dog Pose)

This asana provides good circulation to the head. It is also beneficial for sinus, common cold, mental tiredness, depression and insomnia.

Utthanasana (Standing Forward Pose)

It helps in reducing fatigue and tiredness. Good in menopause and also improves digestion. Uttanasana de-stresses you and relieves you of all anxiety and increases blood flow to your scalp which is beneficial for hairs.

Sasangasana (Rabbit pose)

In this asana the crown is on the ground and the blood flows to the head. Proper circulation of blood to scalp means less hair fall and healthy hair growth.

Vajrasana (Diamond Pose)

This asana can be done just after eating your food unlike any other asana. It helps in urinary disorders, weight loss and digestion and also reduces gas in stomach.


Apana refers to the prana or energy of you digestive tract, that aids in purifying and eliminating toxins. And this pose gives clarity to the mind. It relieves constipation.


It reduces gas, and helps digestion. The muscles of lower back are strengthened. It also reduces fat of abdomen and buttocks. 

Most of the asanas which include forward bending improves the blood flow to the scalp, which is beneficial for hairs.

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