Do Married People live a Healthy and Longer Life

We often discuss the positive and negative aspects of a married life. Gents have their own views and ladies have theirs. But we only talk about quarrels and their solutions. Here we are discussing about healthy and longer life. Do Married People live a Healthy and Longer Life? We will try to give you an answer in this article.

A lot of researches are carried out on this topic. But Singles always lose those researches. Married people are always one step ahead of Singles. We will discuss the different aspects in points.

Longer Life

Married people live longer compared to single people. There are various reasons responsible for it. These reasons are covered in points below.

Higher Income

A married person earns 20% more than their single counter part with similar qualification and experience. A good income can lead to a joyful life.

Somebody to share emotions

If you are married then you are more likely to share your joy and sorrow with your partner. Sharing of emotions leads to lesser number of psychological disorders. Compared to them single person don't share their thoughts and emotions which can be worst in some cases.

Married people get more care

Married people are always there to help their partner when they really need it. Weather you are ill or got a fracture due to some accident your partner is most likely to help your out.

Good Night Life

Good night life and love making is a key to better health. It not only gives your body a good workout but also works as a good anti depressant. The sleep that you get after making love is one of the best healers of your body. Good sleep is also a key to good health. single people are lesser prone to a good night life.

Married people don't risk their lives

A number of researches have shown that married people drive slower and show less violent behavior in arguments with anybody. Its due to their sense of responsibility towards their partner and family. Its also a major factor which leads to longer life.

Arguments with partner helps sometimes

An argument with your partner is not always bad. It makes you emotionally strong except some exceptional cases. These arguments help you understand your partner better. That's why the arguments decrease with time.

Marriage earns you respect

Marriage makes you a social being. It makes you interact with different people and different families. Irrespective of that single people are more prone to anti social behavior. A number of researches have proved this fact.

Married people perform better in Office

Some researches have shown that married employees perform better in office work and get early promotions compared to their single colleagues. 

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