Importance of Water for Human Body

Water is known as the originator of life on Earth. That's why men is searching for water on other planets as well as it could lead to some discovery of life on any other planet. There are a number of facts related Human body and Water. You will be amazed to know them.

Facts about Water and Human Body

  • Our Brain contains 95% Water.
  • 82% of our blood is made up of water.
  • 90% of our lungs are made up of water.
  • Our bones are made up of 31% water.
  • Water acts as a lubricant. Lubricant in a our joints is made up of water.
  • Base of our Saliva is Water.
  • Our body temperature and heating / cooling system is regulated with the help of water
  • Water helps in moving food through our intestines.
  • Water removes toxins from our body through urine.
  • It regulates our metabolism 
  • Water transport of nutrients in our body.
  • 70% of our complete body is made up of water. This percentage is 80% at the time of birth.
  • We feel thirsty when we have lost only 1 percent of our body water.

Water in our daily life

  • Our body needs 2 to 2.5 liters of water every day 
  • Thus consumption of food item leads to the intake of 1 liter of water. 
  • So remaining water supply varying from 1.5 to 2 liters is necessary through drinking. 
  • Growing children require additional amount of water to help them in growing at good speed.
  • Soft Drinks can't remove your thirst. It will increase your thirst due to presence of high level of sugar.
  • Never drink too much water very quickly as it could lead to Water Intoxication. Water Intoxication is caused due to dilution of sodium level in our blood stream, which cause imbalance of water level in brain.
  • Only 1 % of water on Earth is drinkable.

Drinking eight ounce of water on daily basis keeps us away from the risk of various diseases.
It decrease the risk of

  • colon cancer by 45%
  • bladder cancer by 50%

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