Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

The word "hot yoga" creates an image of some sensual yoga poses to create excitement in our mind. A number of people misunderstand this term as referring to something sexual. But its totally different. Hot Yoga is a practice of yoga done at certain high temperature in slightly moist environment. In reality its a way to replicate the high temperature and humid conditions of India, where yoga is originated. Some people say that high temperature helps in increasing flexibility of body and humid condition helps in more sweating to remove toxins from body.

Another common name of Hot Yoga is "Bikram Yoga", devised by Bikram Choudhary, who made hot yoga famous in western countries.

There is 4 forms of Hot Yoga done in various parts of world under different name. These are

  • Bikram Yoga: Its done in US since 1970s. There are 26 different poses in Bikram yoga performed at 105 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Forrest Yoga: This yoga in Indian Yoga combined with Native American spirituality. Its also done in a heated room. 
  • Power Yoga: Its aform of "Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga" done in replicated environmental conditions of Mysore, India.
  • TriBalance Yoga: This kind of hot yoga takes slightly higher temperature than Bikram Yoga but humidity is kept slighly less.

According to some people the word "Hot Yoga" is derived from "Hat Yoga" (in Hindi हठ योग ). Hat Yoga consists of those yogasans which need flexibility and physical fitness to its extreme levels. Before doing hat yoga a person should have done simple yoga for quiet some time.

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