Exercise to help you live longer

Its a well known fact that exercise can improve your health but now researchers have found that exercise can add years to your life as well. Here we will discuss some important exercises and workouts that can help you in increasing your lifespan.

Before discussing the exercises lets discuss some facts related to exercise and lifespan of human beings.

Based on a research done on 650,000 people its found that

  • Being Obese and physically inactive can cut 7.5 years from your life.
  • 300 minutes of some easy-to-do exercises in a week can add 4.2 years to your life.

Here are some exercises that you can do easily out of your busy schedule.

  • Running or Walking : Running is considered best for a healthy person, but you are not fit to run then walking is best. Walking is best for everybody. Even if a healthy person is walking with some elder ones while chit-chatting with them, then its beneficial for both of them. Most elder people prefer a evening walk.
  • Swimming: Swimming is a complete exercise. Those who do it will agree with my view. It increases you physical stamina as well.
  • Cycling: Its one of the most preferred exercise by people of all age groups. If you are unable to do it as an outdoor activity then you can also use it as an exercising equipment inside your home.
  • Aerobics: Best thing about aerobics is that you don't need any equipment for that. You can do it in middle of your walking schedule in a park. Light exercises of aerobics gives movement to all of your joints and muscles. Its good for people of all age groups. 
  • Workout in a Gym: If you are a healthy person and them you will prefer this one. Workout in gym gives us a feeling of a fit sportsman. Thats why people in their 20's and 30's prefer workout in a gym. There is no harm in that, instead its good for health. But sometimes people go for heavyweight exercises without any coach, which can create trouble sometime. So whatever you do,do it properly and always ask your trainer if you want to go for heavyweight exercises.
  • Yoga: Its another popular thing that can be done by people of all age groups. There are various types of yoga, so a good yoga teacher can only tell you which yoga postures are best for you. Yoga exercises are not only good for your body but they are good for your mind as well. Yoga increases your concentration power.

Some tips before you begin

  • Don't forget your age: Sometimes some aged people try to compete with younger generation, which can land them into trouble. Its better to stick to your exercise schedule which is meant for you. Overexercising can be very harmful sometimes.
  • Don't forget your medical condition: If you have some medical condition then it its better to take advice from your doctor and make a exercise schedule accordingly. Especially heart patients and blood pressure patients should listen to doctors advice and take it seriously. 

If we add some years to our life using some easy to do exercises then these extra years will be full of life, not just spending the time with your medicines and bed. Its your choice what you want in the end, a healthy and cheerful end or just visiting doctors in the end.

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