Plastic - The Unknown killer of Human Beings

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Plastic - The Unknown killer of Human Beings

In the modern world plastic has become an important part of our life. Following are few usages of plastic in our daily life which we are making us sick unintentionally.

  • We drink water from plastic bottles
  • Newly born kids drink milk from plastic bottles
  • Toys of kids are made of plastic (Some kids even try to chew them)
  • People use crockery made of plastic
  • We use plastic utensils in microwave oven
  • Plastic jars are used to store food items in kitchen
  • Plastic ice trays are used in freezers to make ice cubes.
  • A number of food items in market are available in plastic packings.
  • Plastic lunch boxes are used by kids and adults.

You might be wondering that how these items are making us sick. Here we will tell you some facts which should be known to every human being who is aware and want to live a healthy life.

Exact chemical composition of plastic of different brands is different. Its composition is proprietary thus not known. But according to an estimate more than 100 different chemicals can be used to make a plastic product. These chemicals can interact with the food item stored in it (even at room temperature). When we freeze these containers or use them in microwave that chemical interaction is increased.

If you think that plastic of top brands, BPA free Plastic and microwaveable plastic containers are OK to use. Then its just a misconception. Bisphenol-A (in short BPA) creates estrogenic activity (EA). Even BPA-free plastic creates estrogenic activity.

Estrogenic activity can cause following complications in human health

  • Early puberty in females
  • Reduced sperm counts
  • Altered function of the reproductive organs
  • Obesity
  • Increased rates of certain cancers
  • Problems with infant and childhood development.

Estrogenic activity (EA) even in very amount can change the structure and function of human cells. It not only changes cell but also the behavior of organs affected by it.

According to some researches plastic of almost every brand creates EA when put under stress like microwave or freezer. 90% of plastic samples create EA even at room temperature. So you can easily estimate the bad effect of plastic on human health.

How you can save yourself from plastic

  • There is only one simple solution. Try to avoid using plastic in any shape. 
  • Use stainless steel utensils and glass jars in your kitchen. 
  • Avoid eating fastfood packed in plastic containers.

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