Heart Diseases in United States (Unknown Facts)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the leading government agency in United states that collects disease related data and provides guidelines to citizens of United States to keep them safe from any vulnerable disease. In year 2013 CDC published a document with details of severity of Heart Diseases in United States. According to that CDC report Heart Diseases are the worst killers of United States. Here we have gathered some facts about Heart Diseases in United States to tell the severity of the condition.

  •  23.5% of all deaths in United States are caused due to Heart Diseases (in year 2013). However now it could be cancer.
  • 610,000 people in United State died due to Heart Diseases during year 2013. 
  • 787,000 people in United State died due to Heart Diseases during year 2011.
  • By 2011, one in three deaths was due to heart diseases. By 2013 this rate has reduced to one in four deaths.

Facts about reasons for Heart Diseases


  • 16% of students are smokers. 
  • 20% Men and 16% Women are smokers in America.
  • In 2012 there were 6300 new smokers added every day.

Lack of physical Activity

  • 31% of US population accepts that they don't participate in any kind of physical activity.

Over Eating

  • Only less than 1% of American population meets the diet guidelines of American Heart Association.
  • Research results taken from 1971 to 2004 shows that women started consuming 22% more ans men started consuming 10% more.


  • Most of the US population above 20 years of age is overweight.
  • 69% of total american population is overweight or obese.
  • 32% children are overweight.

High Blood Pressure

  • Around 33% of american population have High Blood Pressure. 
  • Only half of them have got their condition under control.

  As all the details shown above are itself explaining why heart diseases are the number one killers of american population. We don't need a Hollywood movie Sniper to be a number one killer. We have ourselves put us into this condition. Government can only issue some guidelines. We have follow our own will if we want to save our life.

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