Deep Breathing to reduce High Blood Pressure

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Breathing exercises are well known for their good effect in lowering the high blood pressure. Here we will put some light on this topic that how it happens and which breathing exercises can be done to reduce the high blood pressure.

What happens to our breathing during High Blood Pressure

Usually during the state of high blood Pressure our breathing becomes fast and shallow. Normally a person don't notice it, as it just happens. In such condition we don't take full breath, which is required for the body. Due to this condition our body parts face lack of oxygen supply, which makes the condition worst. In such a state more blood is pumped to brain, which is already in lack of oxygen. Kidney function is also reduced and less amount of sodium is extracted out of blood by them. totally it makes the blood acidic and changes occur in blood gases.

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing in itself is one of the best exercises to reduce stress and high blood pressure. Whatever you are doing, if you feel stress or some elevation in your BP, you can instantly start taking deep breaths and you will feel getting normal again.

How deep breathing helps your body in lowering Blood Pressure

  • Deep breathing relaxes our body by activating the parasympathetic system.
  • Deep breathing provides sufficient oxygen to all body parts and salt is extracted out of blood stream efficiently by kidneys.
  • Just 6 deep breaths can reduce the systolic blood pressure (the upper reading) by 10mm Hg.
  • Our breathing rate and heart rate are directly related to each other. So decreasing the speed of breath by taking deep breaths will automatically reduce our pulse rate and helps in reducing blood pressure.

Types of Deep Breathing

  • Abdominal Breathing / Belly Breathing: When we take deep breaths our lungs fill will air and our abdomen also expands to provide space for that air. But some health conscious people don't ever do it. Usually people keep their stomach flat to look slim. They work hard to get best 6-pack-abs. But a tight stomach is a barrier in deep breathing. So don't make your stomach muscles too hard. Being slim with a healthy weight is good but too tight stomach is not good. When we take deep breaths our abdomen / belly region should also expand. Once our belly region is filled with air, then our chest rises upwards. Its the correct deep breathing. Now when you exhale you should let the air go out itself. Don't force the air to go out. There should be around 6 deep breaths in a minute.  
  • Alternate Nose Breathing: In this type of deep breathing air is inhaled from one nostril and then exhaled via other. Next time differnt nostrils are used to inhale and exhaled. This cycle continues for 10 to 15 minutes. Thumb and index finger are used to block the required nostrils. In India people call it Anulom-Vilom Pranayam.
  • Pranayams: These are a group of Yoga Exercises that are basically based on breathing. They are worth trying to reduce the High Blood Pressure. Yoga Exercises to reduce High Blood Pressure.
  • Guided Breathing: This type of breathing is done with the help help of some device wich monitors your BP and breathing. These devices can instruct you and help you in deep breathing and also shows the readings of blood pressure getting reduced.

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