Pregnancy and Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure variations often occur during pregnancy. Here we will try to put some light on the reasons behind it. Both High or Low Blood Pressure can happen during pregnancy. We will discuss the reasons behind both of these conditions.

High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

High Blood Pressure is a condition when your blood pressure reading goes above 140/90. Several factors can cause high blood pressure. We have provided a list of reasons behind High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy.

Reasons behind High Blood Pressure during pregnancy:

  • Being Obese or Overweight.
  • Being a Smoker
  • Inactivity
  • Alcohol Drinking
  • First Time Pregnancy
  • Carrying more than one Child
  • History of Kidney diseases in family. 
  • Getting pregnant after 40 Years of Age.

Our lifestyle has a lot to do with high blood pressure. Being Obese, being a smoker and being a drinker is self invitation to high BP.  Being Obese or being Inactive are also related to each other and both of them are also bad for a pregnant woman. These factors can be controlled by adopting a healthy lifestyle. However some factors are unavoidable such as getting pregnant after age of 40 Years, or having a family history of hypertension or kidney diseases. Sometimes carrying twins can also become a reason behind High BP. So if the reason behind high BP is one of last 3 reasons then its better to consult a good gynecologist.

Low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

Low Blood Pressure during pregnancy is also a common phenomena. Usually this condition is at its peak in the middle of second trimester. During low BP a pregnant women may feel lightheadedness, dizziness and even fainting. Some women feel sudden lowering of BP while standing up or rising up from bed.

Reasons behind Low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

  • Expansion of circulatory System: As the circulatory system of baby develops inside the womb, the body fluids are shared between mother and child which leads to low BP.
  • Hormonal Changes: Some Hormonal changes dilate the blood to make it easier to flow. It can also cause low blood pressure. 

A Few lifestyle changed should be done by pregnant women to deal with Low BP conditions. here are a few tips:

  • Just sit down or lie down if you are feeling that you are about to faint. It will save you from falling and also also save you from harming the baby and yourself.
  • Lying on the left side will increase blood flow to the heart and save you from low BP condition.
  • Don't be fast while standing up from a seated or lying position.

Note: If you feel that your condition is getting worst, then don't hesitate in contacting your gynecologist. Don't try to be a doctor yourself.

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