Facts about Antibiotics and Bacteria

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In the modern world where resistant bacteria is emerging as a threat to humans, its necessary to understand the infections, bacteria and antibiotics. Here we will provide some facts which will not only increase your knowledge but also help is treating infections with correct medicines. Here are the facts.

  • The Word Antibiotic originated from "Antibiotique",which was first used during 19th Century. At that time it meant "destructive to microorganisms". Still most of the dictionaries use the same meaning. In 1942 Selman Waksman started to use the term Antibiotic only for those compounds that kills bacteria.
  • All infections can't be treated by Antibiotics. Antibiotics can fight with only bacterial infections or some pathogen infections, not viral infections.
  • Due to lack of knowledge or knowledge of wrong definition of Antibiotic, one-third of US Adults think that Antibiotic can treat viral infection.
  • Over or under usage of antibiotics and using antibiotics for viral infections can help bacteria in becoming resistant to antibiotics.
  • Most of the antibiotics are made using bacteria itself. Bacteria produce antibiotic as a defensive measure to compete against other competitors.
  • 20th part of our total body weight is due to bacteria.
  • All bacteria are not harmful to us. In fact some are necessary for our body to work normally. But Antibiotics can't distinguish between these good and bad bacteria, and kill both which eventually lead to side effects.
  • HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections) are those infection that a person gets after a surgery or during a hospital stay. It might be due to lack of hygiene or from other infected patients.
  • 1.7 million Americans are infected by HAI infections every year. Around 99,000 of them die due to it.
  • In 2008 Medicare refused to pay bills for HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections).
  • Day-by-day Antibiotics are becoming less effective either due to over-prescription or inappropriate use.
  • Biggest consumers of Antibiotics are Farm Animals. Antibiotics are mostly used in Pig and chicken farms. 
  • 2nd biggest consumer of Antibiotics are children who are usually sick due to viral infection.
  • Antibiotics can combat against multiplying bacteria. They are less effective against non-replicating (latent) bacteria.
  • According to a study, those doctors who see more than 34 patients per day are 20-27% more likely to prescribe antibiotics where they are not appropriate.
  • Some researchers believe that Antibiotics have cased increased height and obesity in human race.
  • Green tea can act as a booster for Antibiotics. The effect of antibiotic increases if the patient drinks green tea.
  • Antibiotics may have negative effect on our immune system. Those kids who are prescribed lots of antibiotics before 2 years of age are 3 times more prone to asthma that other kids.

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