Broad vs Narrow spectrum Antibiotic

Antibiotics are a type of medicines that have the capability to either kill bacteria or make them weak enough so that they can't harm us. There are basically two types of Antibiotics: Broad Spectrum Antibiotic and Narrow Spectrum Antibiotic. Before understanding these types its important to understand Antibiotics and Bacteria.

When Penicillin was discovered, antibiotics became a superhero in the world of medicines due to their capability to kill various kind of bacteria. But now a days same antibiotics are becoming villain of medical industry as they are unable to kill Resistant Bacteria (also known as SuperBug). These Resistant Bacteria are created by none other than these well known antibiotics.

Those Antibiotics that can kill a wide variety of bacteria are known as Broad Spectrum Antibiotic. They can act as medicines for more than one infectious diseases. Usually people think that its a good characteristic while its not. Such antibiotics not only kill bad bacteria but also good bacteria that are beneficial for our body.

Good Bacteria vs Bad Bacteria

Narrow Spectrum Antibiotic kills only a few or just one variety of bacteria. Usually they are meant to treat only one disease. It makes them a good antibiotic that hits to the point and don't harm good bacteria.

Broad Spectrum Antibiotics and their improper use is responsible for generation of resistant bacteria. However Narrow Spectrum Antibiotic can also create them if used improperly but chances are less comparative to Broad Spectrum Antibiotics.

Due to the above mentioned disadvantage of Antibiotics, now people are moving towards natural antibiotics which are natural food items with no disadvantage.

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