Good Bacteria vs Bad Bacteria

Bacteria are part of our life. Usually we think about them as a threat to human race, while its not so. We mostly hear about bacteria as a pathogen which makes us sick. But the reality is that most of the bacteria are good. Even those bacteria, whom we think as bad bacteria are necessary for our body. A healthy balance of 85:15 between Good and Bad Bacteria is necessary for our body to work normally.

Some facts about Bacteria and Our Body

  • There are always more that 100 trillion bacteria in and on our body.
  • Total number of bacteria in our mouth is more than human population on Earth.
  • Only 1-10% of total species of bacteria are discovered by Scientists.
  • Our digestive system can't work normally without bacteria as they help is digesting a number of food items.
  • Bacteria are available in plenty in our atmosphere, our skin and inside our body. 
  • Good bacteria in our digestive system are capable of killing various bad bacteria if they come along with some food item.

How Good Bacteria Kills Bad Bacteria

Every bacteria have a certain pH level range in which they can survive. pH level below 7 is acidic and some good bacteria can survive upto 3 pH level. When good bacteria breaks down and ferments the food that we eat, it becomes acidic. It automatically kills some bad bacteria that can't survive till that pH level. The bacteria responsible for botulism can't survive below 4.6 pH level. Such bacteria is easily killed in a healthy body where good bacteria are in appropriate amount.

Antibiotics kill both Good and Bad Bacteria

Usually we take antibiotics to get rid of some bad bacteria. But most of the antibiotics are Broad Spectrum Antibiotics, which kill a wide range of bacteria. It means that in order to kill one bad species of bacteria, several good species of bacteria are killed. Sometimes this practice causes lack of good bacteria in gut and creates some side-effects in our body. Most of these good bacteria are unable to regenerate themselves in our body and we again visit the same doctor to treat them and the cycle continues.

Probiotics for Good Bacteria

Now a days Probiotic Drinks are gaining popularity as they contain Good Bacteria necessary for our body. Consuming them can help up to some level in regenerating some good bacteria which are destroyed either by antibiotics or some other reason.

Bad Bacteria are also necessary for Body

If you think that only good bacteria are helpful for our body then you are wrong. Some bad bacteria are also necessary. In a healthy human being 15% of total bacteria in body are bad bacteria. One of the best examples of it is Escherichia coli (E coli). This bacteria has got a negative reputation among most of us, but what we don't know is that E Coli is usually available in our Gut and Skin. It harms us only when our body is out of balance and we are lacking some good bacteria that can save us from harmful effects of E Coli.

Good Bacteria can also Harm an Imbalanced Body

If your body is out of proper balance of Good and Bad Bacteria then even good bacteria can do harm to your body. A stressed body can also create such environment. A stressed or out of balance body can change a "dormant" good bacteria into an active bacteria which starts to colonize itself and harms your body.

So in order to stay healthy and maintain a good balance of good and bad bacteria in your body you must avoid taking unnecessary antibiotics and live a less stressful life. Some Probiotics can also help in maintaining this balance. Being close to nature is always a helpful thing in living a less stressful and healthy life. 

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