Six Pack Abs vs Slim Stomach ! Whats Better ?

Six Pack Abs are dream for a number of men but some just struggle to get a slim stomach. Some people think that just a slim stomach is better for a normal human being, and six-pack abs makes the stomach region harder than required. Here we will try to find an answer to this rare question that Whats better between Six Pack Abs and Slim Stomach.

If you ask a body builder the same question, his answer will be six-pack abs, as he has already got it. But if you ask the same question to a person with slim stomach then there are 50-50 chances of both answers. The answer to the same question depends on own physical structure of the man. Sometimes if we can't get a thing then we say that its not good. Same thing can happen with Six-pack Abs. If we can't get it, then we say that its not good for human body. However some people can tell the truth that they can't control diet and work hard enough to get six-pack abs. But these answers were just views, not the real answers to the question.

To get the actual answer to our question its better to know the views of doctors on this thing. Here we collected some answers to the same question from some fitness and medical experts.

According to some fitness experts overworking on your abdominal muscles can do harm on your spinal health, posture and breathing pattern. Usually we do crunches to develop abs muscle and exhale while moving forward, which reduces the breathing capacity and changes our posture.

  • Short and tight abdominal muscles pulls our breastbone towards the pubic bone and disturbs the normal posture and also makes us prone to injury. In such cases poor posture syndrome becomes visible with age.
  • Having tight abdominal muscles leaves lesser space for internal organs. It also shortens the space for lungs to expand while inhaling. It disturbs the breathing pattern and breathing becomes shallow and fast.
  • Our breathing and posture are directly connected to our spinal cord. Disturbance in breathing pattern and posture can directly affect the spinal health.
Even doctors say that first objective of a person to be healthy is to be slim, not obese. Developing six-pack abs is a personal choice, but take guidance of some fitness expert in doing so to reduce any side-effects mentioned above. If you want to develop your abs muscles then its necessary to do correct exercises so that the harm is either nil or minimal. Our fitness industry has mislead youngsters by marketing six-pack abs are the key to being sexy. But the actual fitness truth is that your stomach should be slim and soft(at least according to Ayurveda) .

We hope that the facts given above have provided some insight on this topic. So now you have one more excuse if you were unable to develop six-pack abs earlier. :-)

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